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KOG Games today announced the launching of Elsword's new character, Ain. For the very first time in KOG history, a personality is being started within a week of his launching on the house server in Korea. Basically, Ain is completely unknown and he's shaking up things around the world!

Ain is a unorthodox caster course. Once in-game, it is clear he practices magical on another degree that Elsword ED players have ever experienced before. His weapon is a pendulum, and he enters the fray by summoning and projecting ethereal weapons from the God's Realm.

Rather, Ain keeps his opponents right where he wants them, and that is wherever he determines they will need to be.

Ain has a new, special system that permits him to change his attack method using two entirely different modes:Cycle Mode enables Ain to get to his abilities faster by lowering the cooldown and MP cost of all his abilities. Additionally, in addition, it endows Ain with the ability to repeatedly dash through the atmosphere, at lightning speed, and break out of enemy combos in half the cost. Creation Mode enhances all Ain's combos and commands. This gives him the capability to cope immense damage by infusing his attacks with celestial firepower.

To outline, Cycle Mode is all about usefulness while Creation Mode is all about dishing out damage.As well, Ain will be receiving his first Job Line; a first for the Elsword character launching. Players will not only be able to enjoy a brand new personality, but they have to fully play and experience through one of 3 paths to Ain's game.

More products from https://www.mmotank.com/Elsword-Ed.html


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