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When I first installed the Halo Editing Kit, I stupidly installed it in the Programs directory of the C Drive. This has given me a lot of problems, much of which I solved by copying most of the other programs into a new folder on the desktop, but I can't seem to copy Sapien or even ahobo over to the folder and get it to work.

I've decided to uninstall the HEK from the Programs directory and reinstall it in my one desktop folder, but I am unsure of what the uninstall program looks like. I have two of them in my Custom Edition folder in the Programs Directory, and I don't want to uninstall HCE by accident.

The two options are Uninstall.exe and UninstEK.exe. I'm thinking that UninstEK is for the HEK, but I want to be absolutely certain before I do anything. Does anyone know for certain if this is the right option?

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just right click the installer and select open with winrar. All the files in there can just be copied to where ever you need


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