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Chronic :)

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I can't run HEK on my computer, nor can I find my CD to even try and get it working again. But if someone is still making maps, try running radiosity in sapien, then cancelling it right away so all the lightmaps are black, or you can just paint extract the light maps and paint over them again.

Try lighting the maps with only dynamic lighting. 1 big one for the sun, and a bunch of small one indoors. I'm sure it will look a lot better.

Computers back in the day had a hard time using dynamic lighting, but everyone shouldn't have a problem now.

Post the pic here with your results!
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Posted: Today @ 02:56 AM    Msg. 2 of 3       
Theres some issue with this that I cant recall right now. Dynamic lights count towards particle limit or something like that.

I remember wanting to attach a dynamic light to a sky marker and animate it to creatr a day night cycle, but finding it wasnt worth it.

But hey if its done right who knows.

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There's indeed a limit on dynamic lights, and things get visually glitch when there are more than one overlapping dynamic light from different angles. Dynamic lights also don't cast shadows, and they don't locally illuminate scenery items (any light reaching them illuminates the entire item without discretion). It also doesn't have any occlusion whatsoever, meaning it'll over-penetrate anything within its radius, including BSP.

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