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Author Topic: make halo 2 vista, h3 work with netgear gateway cg814wg and cg814wg v2 (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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you must have time time warner cable as ur internet protocol and halo 2 for windows vista has to be running on a operation system (os) or as we called computer with windows vista

and u must have a dynamic ip address

this will not work on a computer running windows xp with halo 2 vista installed

i dont take all the credit my brother and i were working on this two routers until we finnaly make them work with xbox live
this instructions work with games for windows and games for xbox 360

firsts we must know how to configure your adapter
to do that type in ur browser
this will take u to ur router page configuration
if it ask u for a password and a user name the default one is for every adapter below


now that u have entered
go straight to port triggering
do not go to port froward and add ports go to port triggering ignore port froward we don't need it
if u mess with port froward you will not be able to connect or go to xbox live

ok lets continue

once u r in port triggering add the ports 80 in the in the first row in the four empty epaces
and make it (TCP) and enable it make sure it has and arrow of enable on the side

next on the row under port 80
add the port 3074 on the four empty spaces and make it (TCP)
make sure to enable it too like port 80

once u r done scroll the page down and click apply

now lets go to the DMZ host section there u must put and ip host by adding only two numbers
on the square it has to be a next ip address to yours
for example your ip could be just type
like that it can be before ur actual ip or after ur ip
doing you will confuse the routers firmware that block xboxlive

once u r done , congratulations u r done now u can connect to xboxlive

but if u r running a firewall on ur computer read the next section below or if u r running and

xbox 360 read the last section below where it says "additional instructions for xbox360"

------this section is only for people running games for windows on pc---------------------------------
u dont have to do this part u r using a xbox 360 online--------

note: if u have a firewall for example like me and my brother have in each computer, mcafee 2007 plus on my pc and 2008 plus on his or any kind just make sure to add
port: 80 (TCP)
port: 3074(TCP)

--------------------------------additional instructions for xbox360----------------------------------------
the only additional instruction is that u have to make activate upnp on ur router
to do that go to the section on upnp mark the small square qhere it says turn upnp on and click apply and u r done


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