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Posted: Aug 21, 2008 02:49 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
Notice: Halo Maps forum update

The Halo Maps web forum is currently a private forum and for the time being does not have open registration. This option has been implemented until I have time to child proof the web forum code to restrict unwanted spam posts.

I was just going to close the forum down, it would have been a lot easier for me, however it was not fair to those active helpful members to let the miscreant(s) intent on their vendetta ruin the forum for others. The spammers apparently think that they can hurt me, for reasons I cannot fathom, by denigrating the people in the forum. They are wrong. As I have said many times this forum is here for the users and not for me. I get nothing from it, it cost me money and time, and I don’t require it.

I am the sole admin and moderator because I run this forum on one of my company’s servers. The reason no one else can have admin or moderator access is because I have signed contracts from several of my paying customers that prohibit me from giving anyone not an employee of UXB Internet access to ANY administration functions on my servers. To do so would cut my income in half which is not going to happen. The other reason it is just me as admin and moderator is because NONE of my employees want anything to do with teenagers and/or video games. I am not on some power trip as I have been accused in the various private chats that I have seen. My motivations are much more simple: I was just trying to give something back to the world by creating a safe place for the new to Halo CE and Halo map making to learn and discuss their hobby. Quite frankly my life would be much better off if I did close the forum. That is still an option.

I will never understand the motivations of those who are intent on trying to mess up the forum. I am just too old now and have forgotten what it was like to be as young as most of you. I was born in December of 1953, those of you who are able can do the math, long before the home computer existed. I was an adult when the PC was first produced and an old fart when the Internet became popularized and accessible to the masses. I have been doing this for a very long time. I tell you this only to point out how insignificant anything that happens in the forum is for me. I do not get mad, I do not get upset nor does it bother me personally when people act out. I just find it sad and sometimes funny in the way that you might find it funny when a baby messes himself in public. I am sure most of you cannot understand my point of view only because you just have not lived long enough.

I’ll try to keep the forum open for you and for now it is a private club by invitation only. When I have time to make some changes to stop those intent on insulting you all I will open it up again or close it down. The jury is still out.

I am posting this message in a thread and locking it because there is no need to reply to it. I am not looking for atta’boy’s, pats on the back or thank you’s. There is no need to say anything. All that I ask, all that I ever asked, was that you abide by the rules of conduct when you joined the forum. So please do so. Remember that for now once your account is locked there is no way back in until changes have been made.


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