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Hello again everyone , i decided to do a follow up thread for those who remember my original thread detailing the workings of the "Higher ups" in the community , those who should be respected from an artistic point of view because of their hard work in the community , this went into detail about individuals and also mapping teams , but now i wanted to include a section from experiance about how vets view things in the community too so that everyone can understand better , this is from My point of view...

Golden Oldies : Members Section

These are the following people that among all the community deserve your respect , if your a newbie or just an average forum poster , you should atleast give respect to those who have come before you and created outstanding or otherwise unique work that has either changed CE completely , or has made people look at it at a completely new way.

NEW FEATURE : In addition to the old stuff i posted and am techincally just retyping anything i can remember about any members past , or projects i will post for anyones interest.

NOT everything will be noted , just everything i can remember

This list is never in any particular order because everyone is special in their own way.

The following people or teams are noted in detail for their efforts to change CE and how it has inturn reflected on the community or changed the community in someway.

Major CE Crowd

Masters & CMT : Has given CE alot of attention , and modded alot of the game so much that its now looking like a completely new game , everyone who has played CE in its recent years has atleast heard of CMT.

Backstory : Even though he is the Leader of the CMT , there was a time where masters was nothing more than a Leaker , this was amazingly years ago , masters has worked his way up the social chain that seperates noobs from vets , and as such became one of the most heard of people in CE.

Projects involved in: CMT , SPV1, SPV2 , Sonic GOTAW, GZH2 , H2CE

Nitro , Doublefire & H2CE : Consisting of Nitro as the leader , doublefire modeling and lighting doing textures , aswell as help from many other people , Nitro achived his goal of porting a playable none ripped version of Halo 2 to CE , which many still enjoy , their map NMC is concidered by many to be one of CEs best maps because of the balance and action it has , unlike its H2 varient which ironically is less played. Nitro worked for Hired Gun who ported H2V and Doublefire now works for Bungie , were he created some scenery pieces you see in H3 apon its release.

Backstory : H2CE had a few leaks but there is still one you can get your hands on , a alpha of NMC called "Whenhootersfly" , when it was leaked almost everyone had it , just to see how Nitro and the team where pulling off some of the amazing stuff they where doing at the time.

Projects involved in: H2CE , GZH2

Kornman00 : Korns been doing stuff to CE since almost the beginning , helping out with bitterbananas various projects , Korn has been trying everything to h4x CE , helping out with Yelo , Open sauce , and alot of other various projects , Korn has had a major imput into developing CE from a technical standpoint.

Projects involved in: : Yelo , Promethus , FlyCam , Open Sauce

Jahrain : Never has someone rocked the community with the notion of open source before , Jahrain soon made his way into CE from UT , making his Zelda modification but sadly getting burned out , pushing foward the notion of open sourcing materials created later on , also Jahrain pushed for more custom characters in CE doing various tutorials and methods for rigging and animation.

Backstory : Jahrain may have been burned out on Zelda CE , but he managed to create a port so great that it was featured in many magazines , and on various websites , Jahrains original start up the popularity ladder happened when someone made a joke post at GBX about starting a Zelda modification , claiming to have made most of it already , but having no proof to back it up , and then for a laugh Jahrain came out of no where and posted a picture of Hyrule field , and instantly everyone was awe struck , the rest is history.

Projects involved in : Zelda CE , Sonic GOTAW, Metroid Online , Chronopolis

Rec0 : Rec0 was a huge part of CE , hes not been around the modding side so much recently but he still plays , he was apart of H2CE , and spent alot of his time tagging and working on apps and stuff to help the community.

Projects involved in: H2CE , Hypothermia , Sonic GOTAW , Metroid Online , Zelda CE , CMT , Promethus , Flycam

SteelixB : Responsible for Hek+ among alot of other things Steelix helped alot of people through various means , weather it be applications or rigging , Steelix was a big part of CEs development.

Backstory :Steelix only put a projection feature in HEK+ after a huge uproar lead by SonicXtr3me and JackBauer , everyone else followed after us , after the simple sentence "its not nice to steal from others what they have put hours into making just so someone can steal it in seconds" , major supporters of protection included all the major mapping teams at the time , Sonic GOTAW , CMT , Metroid CE , and also minor projects like Church , and a few others because of protection , many teams where concidering leaving CE if it was not added because "it would not be worth it anymore" was the phrase used at the time , describing the way everyone felt about hard work put into the modifications.

Projects involved in:: Metroid CE , HEK + , HaloTagConverter

Seraphim & Metroid online : Even though the mod is technically dead (its debatable so far as to weather it will make a full appearance and resume full working order again due to Seraphim being loaded too heavy with work , Metroid online again is another mod that has changed the way people look at CE and attracted people to it because of the fact that it was all over the online news not so long ago , something that looks like metroid prime but plays like Halo , and has yet got all of Metroid Primes features and effects ? surely thats not Halo!

Backstory : Aslong as Seraphim has been around hes never given up , since CE started , hes been for ever working , back in 2004 when things first majorly kicked off Seraphims never backed down , and thats why you`ll most likely just have to wait abit more for MO to come out , assuming he takes it back on when hes not loaded down with work , for now you can call it his "dormant phase" where hes pre occupied with something else thats also important.

Projects involved in: Metroid CE , Zelda CE , Sonic GOTAW

Axeman : Axeman was inspiring to many , he created alot of maps , but what drew everyone to them was the custom content , Axeman was the first to release a unique series of maps that included all new and unique custom content , from flaming swords , and lazer pistols , to freaky dropships and fast race cars , Axeman was for a long time concidered the embodyment of the word custom , because everything was custom , nothing was left unchanged , thus Axeman deserves to be praised for his effort.

His major project "Awakening" was sure to be CEs first totally custom campaign , it was all ready to be made , but unfortunately after the beta MP release his tags got corrupt his HD got a virus , and we never recovered because by the time HEK + had been released he had moved on.... this was a magnificent project despite its strange looks , if anyone where to take it on , it would be great to see it back depending on who managed the project and weather it was still kept any good.

Projects involved in: Axeman series of maps , Halo HQ , Oceans Apart , HQ Racetrack , Mini-stunt Axemans major project : Awakening

SonicXtr3me & GOTAW : "Typing a section about myself is obviously bias , but what can i say?" , i am not a Halo CE god , or even a Demi god , but i have tried , when my mapping team first started out , i was a lazy sob (in my teens), who did nothing but concept art , over the years i bothered to learn 3ds , and things took off from there , my team and i have been through hell , with constant team member changes , changes in concept , and various tests been thrown out the window , we have never stopped trying , the reason i put us up here is because we have attracted alot of none Halo fans to playing Halo , same as the Zelda and Metroid mods , and for that reason alone , thats why we atleast deserve some praise.

Background : we where the ones that released the first mod of NMC that contained crappy H2 immitation weapons , it got leaked and so everything started going worse in the community , we released a couple of Sonic maps to start , then i got out of hand with ideas and put all those ideas on hold to take a break in the hype of H2 before it was coming out and tried our hand at Halo related content , in doing so , we created GZ_H2 , and got flamed on GBX for 6 months none stop about it , causing the biggest dramafest in CE History , after which we lurked around GBX and EP Gamers forums for several months picking up the pieces of the Sonic mod and throwing them at a dart board waitting for someone who could help , we eventually found help and got Multiple permutation bipeds working for the first time in CE , how ever they where not released and the official first release of Permutated bipeds went to Genocide who created TSC , we have been working hard ever since , aslong as Seraphim has on the Metroid mod to get things working again , and in the process made alot of new friends in the CE community , surely we are the underdogs of all the big teams and we have caused alot of havok in the community but after all that we get along just fine :)

Aswell as all of this , we are responsible for getting rid of some of CEs most annoying and infamous Leakers responsible for leaking ... Zanzibar H2CE , GZ_H2 , and a number of other major projects (cannot remember them off the top of my head its been years).

Projects involved in : Sonic Online , Sonic Adventure Online , Sonic CE , Sonic GOTAW , H3MT , CMT , H2CE , Hugeass , Coldsnap , GZ_H2 , H2CE , Metroid Online , Pillar of Autum Space

Other Teams , or Individuals that are to be included as Golden Oldies but have no details or backstorys ... again in no particular order

Seth Xzzy Graham
Eric Lamuthe
Sean Casey
Bryn Casey
EJ Burke
Peter Sakievich
Doc Octavious

Information Regarding Help to Newbies : NEW Section

As Masters stated awhile back , and i know this is mostlly the same for all mentioned above , everyone who is concidered an "Elitest" or an Oldie , or a vet , what ever, is more than happy to help New people , its all depending mainly on the attitude of the person.

When a team is looking for someone its mainly someone who is nice to talk to , can take a joke , and also has amazing talents , thats what the teams of today currently look for , all the smaller teams normally dont make it past the concept phase because they can never find someone good enough , normally because the bigger teams snap up all the people with tallent in a heart beat , as soon as that one post is made showing off their talent , its a race to please them and get them on your team , thats how it is , first come , first mod.

The way the smaller teams can survive is by asking for help from the larger teams , that normally ends up with the smaller team getting eatten and spat out with hardly any members or results in the smaller team actually doing well , mainly if they are polite and dont run in yelling "please giv3 meh all your Tags!!!!" , the reason main reason the bigger well known teams protect tags is to make sure they are not abused by the younger members of the community that (No offense intended) but always seem to have less patients thus always results in younger , newer members below the age of 16 asking for tags or creating rediculous projects , its a rare occasion where someone under the age of 16 has the patients to do anything.

The worst thing you can do if your looking for help , or just out for good rep in the community is to go a head and flame or insult vets in anyway what so ever, especially if its anyone that was a member of GBX , its hard to explain but basically almost all the vets have at one point worked with each other on each others projects , thus theres a decent friendship atleast between people , you go insulting one of em , and they are all gonna blam the hell out of you because to them , your insulting the fanbase (generally made up of vets).

Other amazingly BAD things you can do to make your stay in the community short ....

Spam Halomods , Halomaps or Modacity , claim your better than any of the vets without any proof , claim your working on an amazing project/s but never show any work , weather it be concepts or screenshots/grabs , come up with or work on too many ideas at once , if you dont use either Maya , Gmax or 3dsmax you wont last long , mainly because if you cannot get atleast 1 thing ingame that you yourself have modeled it looks really bad to everyone else because it shows you lack time or patients to get something ingame or bother learning the tools in which the industry create stuff.

Want to please the community by doing a custom project? heres how ..

Through out my entire stay in CE , every time i look , theres always one person that says this , and its only been done by Axeman once , and thats if you want to please the community , especially with a full modification , do it on something thats either in Halo 1 , or something thats not Halo 2 or 3 , you`ll see lots of H2 or H3 things being built atm , but theres always someone that says "why not try doing something custom instead?" and always another that goes with it saying "theres too much H2 and H3 stuff for CE" , if you want to please the community , come up with new and crazy ideas , and show proof that they are working ingame before posting , Axeman created an entirely new CE experiance , and that was great , if you dont want to be in bad books go for something thats not Halo , why ? because its more interesting , everyone who mods Halo has played it to death , so most dont want to see the same thing anymore because its either gotten boring or they want a break from it.

End of post , my fingers are tired .... T_T
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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 12:31 AM    Msg. 2 of 19       
I still remember lurking through your old thread...

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 12:33 AM    Msg. 3 of 19       
if you are going to count HDoan then you missed a few

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 12:41 AM    Msg. 4 of 19       
forgot to mention as with the other thread , i want to try and keep this open as long as i can so that everyone gets the general idea of how the community works , that and also i am open to editing the list of people / teams to insert more people depending on weather i have either forgotten to put them in by accident due to my memory being poor , or either the team being old enough to be concidered vet , and or also how much of an impact the team or person has had in the community.

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 01:09 AM    Msg. 5 of 19       
Put ICEE there. He released modified weapon tags just for the public and he got animation skills fast

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 02:01 AM    Msg. 6 of 19       
What about H Guru?

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 02:19 AM    Msg. 7 of 19       
added all requesteds so far ^^

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 02:48 AM    Msg. 8 of 19       
Yay, I'm important. I can't wait till two years from now when I've moved on from modding CE and I have my own special paragraph. :D

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 03:24 AM    Msg. 9 of 19       
lol i could type a paragraph of cool stuff about anyone now , problem is my hands are hurting from all the other typing XD

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 11:54 AM    Msg. 10 of 19       
i shall be there soon....

well, looking at the speed my maps going, in a decade or so...

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Posted: Feb 6, 2009 04:49 PM    Msg. 11 of 19       
Shouldn't donut be up there? He's helped people with HUDs, and released that outline for the halo 3 hud he made. I could be up there too, if I ever released anything xD

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Posted: Feb 7, 2009 02:09 AM    Msg. 12 of 19       
Can I be on there just for being a nice guy? haha, just kidding, I've never really contributed anything to the community besides helping out the newbies from time to time.

Also, Mined. I don't know much about him, but he was a really good modeler and a really cool guy. Sadly he's moved on from CE, he hasn't been on Modacity since well... it was still H2Vista.net.

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Posted: Feb 8, 2009 04:13 AM    Msg. 13 of 19       
Quote: --- Original message by: Donut
if you are going to count HDoan then you missed a few

Most definitely agree with you on that...

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Posted: Feb 8, 2009 04:46 AM    Msg. 14 of 19       
What about me? I made an awesome lightmapping method and cubemapping techniques. Also i was with TLS hunter back in the days of wm clan.

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Posted: Feb 8, 2009 12:38 PM    Msg. 15 of 19       
Me toooo

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Posted: Apr 20, 2009 05:47 PM    Msg. 16 of 19       
This thread needs bumping. Question. When did mother goat leave?

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Posted: Apr 20, 2009 06:24 PM    Msg. 17 of 19       
the VERY LONG list at the bottom has got to go.

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Posted: Apr 20, 2009 06:35 PM    Msg. 18 of 19       
I remember the original thread of this. Wow.

The list itself, I think, will no doubt keep getting bigger as time passes.

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Posted: Apr 20, 2009 08:17 PM    Msg. 19 of 19       
these threads are always good for pissing people off.
and btw for those of you complaining about jealousy, please use your common sense. really.


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