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Author Topic: Well, I guess I'll post this here since there is NO STEAM SECTION... (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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The lot of idiots on this forum are veterans

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...because Dennis is a fascist.

Anyways, I recently had to install XP again due to the massive amount of porn downloaded on my PC from my brother. After I had gotten everything installed, I went and got Steam, Xfire, and an XP to Mac conversion called "FlyAKite OS X". ( I like the Mac OS X Theme)

When I started up steam, I used my password that I KNOW is mine, and it logged me in. Come to find out, it doesn't connect, but im logged in? It doesn't say im in offline mode, and I can't connect to my account. I deleted my registry.blob, blah blah blah, and I googled all the solutions I could.

Then I tried out the retrieve password, got the verification, and reset my password, still no progress.

I turned off my firewall, and I have No Anti-Virus atm. So I have NO IDEA wth the problem could be. Any suggestions? I mean, I did PAY for all those games, and god knows what will happen if I don't get to play Counter Strike 1.6 and "Portal".

There, now it has something to do with Portal


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