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Halo Frooblet
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Posted: Apr 7, 2009 10:09 AM    Msg. 1 of 1       
Sorry I don't have pictures of this map i'm making. It's about 10-20% modeled and will take me 2-3 weeks to finish modeling.

It will be a GTA style map thats designed for RPG and multiplayer asorted games. I invision it being two islands connected by a bridge. One island is going to be a metropolis with skyscrapers (kind of like New York City) and the other island is going to be a more average place, no skyscrapers and more sorta run down buildings.

I'm using GMAX :(!!!!!!!! Exporting is going to take forever (i'm gona download a trial of 3ds max 5 or 6 and then hack the comp time so i can keep using it i think... gmax exporting sucks)

Custom content i'm planning for the map
-The BSP (of course)
-Maybe a few guns (I'm gona use a lot of kingfish999's guns(save some time)) but might make some new stuff, or at least change kingfish999's a little for the better).
-Working on a battle destroyer ship vehicle (not the huge one... it's like 2-3x the size of the warthog)

i suck at making textures. Also I dont have a photo editor that can export the right bitmaps for halo ce.
Can someone tell me if there is a free software out there that can make bitmaps for halo... either that or il have to get a trail... darn...

This map will be awesome but it will also be pretty big, I'll try to get a size estimate soon. I'm guessing about 2-4x the size of bloodgultch. Also, theres gona be a ton of polys to i think il keep the textures simple. (Im not that good with what lags and what not so if some1 can recommend what i do to keep the lag minimal).
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O great some roadblocks...

Alrite, so i wanted to export what iv finished.
I got rid of all the errors (open edges and whatnot) but then here came the roadblock/ the semi truck that doesnt plan on stopping at the red light)

###Error overlapping triangles (or polygons, i cant remember)
The problem is that non of them are overlapping!!!!
Do i have to rebuild all 100 some stupid triangles (most are very hard to find) or is there another way around this.
Will some1 reply...
btw i have pic im just having trouble uploading them

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