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Author Topic: I Need help with teh cov_carbine (7 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Posted: May 24, 2009 04:32 PM    Msg. 1 of 7       
Yes I Need help with teh cov_carbine can any one help me make the zoomed in bitmap for it
so far all I made was this .jpg & im very bizzy woking on finnishing my map all my weapons are working great for the most part but the cov_carbine zoomed in just looks like it dose when its not zoomed & i think it sucks so if anyone could help me make the bitmap i would be very happy!

so far this is all I got!

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Posted: May 25, 2009 07:04 PM    Msg. 2 of 7       
looks fine to me. the only issue is that its .jpg. you might need to remake it to get rid of the .jpg color bleeding
make it 2x bigger too, then scale it down in the hud tag. it will look awesome

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Posted: May 25, 2009 07:26 PM    Msg. 3 of 7       
It's missing the center dot thing to aim though. Add that and it should be fine.

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Posted: May 25, 2009 07:57 PM    Msg. 4 of 7       
I believe the center dot is the reticle which is a different bitmap.

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Posted: May 26, 2009 03:48 AM    Msg. 5 of 7       
yes i alredy have that!

im actuly needing someone to make this for me

and whom ever that may be will be receving a very nice cov carbine

and anythang else i can do to help them!
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Posted: May 26, 2009 07:39 PM    Msg. 6 of 7       
I'll do it for you :|. Expect a message from me soon.

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Fight Against the Machine of Deth!

Posted: May 26, 2009 07:51 PM    Msg. 7 of 7       
thanks for your help everyone my carbine rifle is woking great now yay!

edit: ok well after testing my new carbine rifle and then checking if the rectical was difrent in halo on my xbox360 i found a small part missing from the bitmap i have

the bitmap im useing now was riped from halo2 vista my problum now is that this carbine rifle im working on is the halo3 style so im trying to inprove the bitmap im going to go ahead and post what i have in some hopes that the inprovements im talking about will happen to the bitmap

the inprovements i need on the bitmap are the 4 long triangle points that point to the rectical
wile zoomed in on the halo3xbox360 version of the game only i will out line it in red to show you what im talking about

this first pic is an example as to what it needs to look like!
hears the example picture

and hear are the bitmaps im useing thay are riped directly from the halo2vista game


if anyone can fix the bitmap and post them hear or contact me on xfire wlm or pm me hear on halomaps that would be xelent thank u !
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