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Posted: Jun 3, 2009 06:28 AM    Msg. 1 of 1       
We still have a lot more to do and so few people on the team. If you are experienced in modeling bipeds, map making, bitmapping, scripting, or anything related to making a great map series and are interested in joining, let me know.

Here is a list of what I was planning on trying to make in the future (in case you were wondering and for those who are considering joining to get an idea of what they might be assigned to):


Phendrana Drifts

Chozo ruins (have a scenario, just needs some bitmaps changed)

Space Pirate Base (Phaazon Mines)

Artifact Temple (located in Tallon Overworld)

Metroid Prime:Hunters maps (not all of them... just a few

Skytown, Elysia (Metroid Prime 3)


MP Phaazon Beam

MP:H affinity weapons

MP3:C Nova Beam and Phaazon Beam variants


Metroids (duuuuuuuh)

Gas Puffers (Magmoor Caverns)

Space Pirates (sorry Kirby, not wanting to be lazy and use covenant )

Triclops (Magmoor Caverns)

Sheegoth (Phendrana Drifts)

Zoomers and Geemers (Tallon Overworld)

Beetles and Scarabs (Chozo Ruins)


Parasite Queen (...big bug...)

Dark Samus (not just a recolored Samus either, preferably MP3:C version)

SA-X (easy, just give Samus an Ice Beam and Super Missiles)

Parasite X (Metroid Fusion)

MP:H and MP3:C Hunters

Last and not least in this list section, Ridley and\or Mecha-Ridley

Alternate Samus Bipeds=

Fusion Samus (if we have SA-X, we will need her )

Zero Suit Samus (have a 3ds model already, but dont have it rigged and such)

PED Samus

And i also had another idea inspired by Samus' Final Smash from SSBB, but I am keeping it a secret

(This is a copy of the list i posted in the ModHalo forums. I will edit it when I have more to put in the list.)

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