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Posted: Jul 13, 2009 08:42 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       

Manifest Destiny is a new series employing assets from both Halo 1 PC and Halo 3 that takes place in the year 2033.

For almost a decade, President Tanner has been urging for a colony on Mars. And now his dream has been realized; with several cities now adorning the freshly terraformed red planet.

The dream soon turns into a nightmare when the colonists begin to vanish without a trace from their cities. Scout forces are deployed to find the missing colonists, and in the process uncover a secret that could either lead to eternal peace for humankind...or send it spiraling into a self-destructive war.

This teaser shows a group of soldiers exploring the ruins of an abandoned martian colony while a speech from President Tanner is played over the radio.

Real quick note: yes, I know the video quality was shoddy. I captured this in AMCap. I now have Ulead Video 10, which is much better. And yes, I am no President. I've gotten some voice actors since then.

A second (and, in my opinion, much cooler) teaser will be done either tomorrow or Wednsday.

EDIT: Second teaser's done.

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