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The Halo CE Chronicles Comic Shipwrecked - Final Episodes

The final 3 episodes of Shipwrecked are now available. Episode 80 - Pest Removal, Episode 81 - Thru the Looking Glass, and Episode 82 - Lost 'n Found - complete the story of Taylor and Johnston and their momentous trek across the alien Ringworld. The entire comic in PDF format can be downloaded from the Halo CE Chronicles Website in the "videos" section under season 5. Look for more of Taylor and Johnston in the Halo CE Chronicles Season 5 videos The Ring of Life coming soon.

Comic URL:
Episode 80: http://hcec.halomaps.org/comics.cfm?cid=119
Episode 81: http://hcec.halomaps.org/comics.cfm?cid=120
Episode 82: http://hcec.halomaps.org/comics.cfm?cid=121

Full Comic: http://hcec.halomaps.org/movies.cfm?sec=6
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woooo funny ending


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