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Author Topic: Question about actor varients. (5 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Dark Neon
Joined: Jun 8, 2009

Posted: Aug 2, 2009 01:13 AM    Msg. 1 of 5       
I was thinking when I was messing around with my AI, how that elite minor's have the major upgrade. Would it work to give that elite major a major upgrade? For example the Elite minor upgrade to the Elite major and then again to an Elite ultra?

Joined: Feb 19, 2009

I abandoned this forum a long time ago...

Posted: Aug 2, 2009 06:35 AM    Msg. 2 of 5       
yes its possible, in the actor varient tag for the elite major just reference the elite commander (the gold elites) for the major varient

Joined: Sep 5, 2008

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Posted: Aug 2, 2009 08:18 AM    Msg. 3 of 5       
Mythic difficulty ftw?

Dark Neon
Joined: Jun 8, 2009

Posted: Aug 2, 2009 08:40 AM    Msg. 4 of 5       
I know its possible I just want to know if they will spawn on harder difficulties.
And yes mythic difficulty ftw.

Joined: Jun 12, 2008

Steam: gamma927

Posted: Aug 2, 2009 09:37 AM    Msg. 5 of 5       
They'll spawn on all difficulties.


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