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Posted: Aug 4, 2009 10:37 AM    Msg. 1 of 1       
-November 23 2549-
The covenant is on their way to a ring called: Halo, no one actually knows what Halo is..
The only thing we know is that the covenant is going to do bad things with it, very,
bad, things..
The biggest problem is we have no supersoldiers anymore, and the sergeant, who trains
the supersoldiers, is gone, maby dead.. so we need to trust on the
marines, of the UNSC.
Still there is a chance to get the job done, by finding a way into the covenant cruiser,
Too bad there's only a way in, and no way out..
Also it's winter, so with the cold conditions it's a big risk sending out shuttles with
marine troops.
The shuttles don't have a heating system, wich our ship, and the covenant cruiser, have.
But if we do nothing, maby the same will happen if we do something. So we now search
soldiers who will take the risk, wich won't be many. The next day, November 24,
we made the announcement, 4 participated. 1 guy called, Jack, a guy with many technical
knowledge, he can hack almost everything, even covenant systems. The next guy was
one of our ship masters, wich was trained to be a gunner too. He could fly the covenant
cruiser with no problems, his name was Tripp. The 3rd guy, Paolo, a Italian guy,
wich could speak English very well, was trained in climbing and hiding, you wouldn't
notice he is there, until you feel a bullet in your head.
The last guy was a rather silent one, his name was, well.. we still don't know
we call him Less, because Nameless sounded so dumb. When he's in a battle he only
says things, but only things like: "Die! Covenant scum!". He is specialized
in shooting from short range, most of the time he uses a shotgun.
This is our crew, wich you control, get them in, and out, alive..

So there it is, tell me what you think, this can be an actual Project
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