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I'm dariusofwest from Hog Derby Productions and we are currently trying to figure out some solutions for recording in game sound or other solutions.I've heard from a lot of people that being able to hear the background sound would make things a lot smoother and make the series seem better. I'm not sure whether recording in-game sound would work best because it would change when the angle changes or making custom sound design or what. This is where you people come in. I need someone or a group of people to help us record sound for our machinima and also help out with other audio related things.

Hog Derby Productions
www.hdproductions.co.nr or

If interested please respond here, PM me or contact me with the info below or even just join our Xfire Clan

Xfire Clan Page-

E-mail: allanbrown216@hotmail.com
AIM: dariusofwest
Xfire: dariusofwest
Xbox Live: dariusofwest
youtube: dariusofwest


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