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This is the truth.

Posted: Aug 30, 2009 03:59 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
I have an inkling idea for a massive scale Halo 3 machinima (not comedy). However, I would appreciate if multiple people would join me in the task of conceptualizing and realizing this idea. I promise you this will not turn out to be a horrible, worthless, unoriginal idea.

My basic idea is as follows:

In a freak Slipspace distortion across the galaxy, multiple ships filled with both Humans and Sangheili (Elites) are tossed through the warp storms and into a distant, unknown system. Each ship suffering from its own problems, many either crash land, or dive into a decaying orbit. Stranded, the two different races have spread all across the surface and over the course of 200 years, relations have evolved...

The surviving communities can be grouped into four categories; slavers, warriors, workers, and traders. Slavers enslave the opposite race to produce the necessary resources needed to support their own colony. Warriors, generally ancient militaries, stand off against the opposing race on "conflict lines" and are engaged in wars of attrition. Workers have created a pact with the like-minded and are in an uneasy peace, where each side minds their own business. Lastly, free traders are those that have open relations with the other race and have open trade negotiations.

As the entire planet is swathed in a cover of communication darkness, and civilization carves its mark into the planet, certain individuals are guided by fate rather than society. Events fall into place, and groups from each culture, and from each race gather together under the stress of new circumstances, and unite to bring both sides into agreement and peace, whether for good or evil. However, others are not so willing to let this happen...

Post your responses!


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