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Forum Rules:

The short version: You have no rights here, play nice and behave.

Thanks for visiting the Halo Maps Forums. We want this to be a friendly and informative environment so we have a few rules and guidelines.

Enforcement of these rules is completely up to the moderators and administrators of this forum and they will apply them as they see fit. There is no arguing about the rules. The administrators and moderators are GODS in this matter and there is no recourse: Period.

Cardinal Rules: Violating these rules will get you banned:

1. Do NOT discuss or promote the use of illegally obtained versions of any company's games or software. Anything illegal, even borderline, will be deleted. Any post discussing or suggesting the hacking of any company's software will result in an immediate banning. Any post discussing or suggesting the theft of any software, commercial or otherwise, from any company will result in an immediate banning. Posting links to hacked stolen or cracked software will get you banned. "Jokes" about hacking or stealing may get you banned.

2. NO Profanity! No cursing. Do not use vulgar language. Do not post links to offensive material or use offensive language. If you or the forum software has to censor your words do not use them. Please think before you post something that could be offensive to others.

3. Play Nice! UXB Internet and Halo Maps will not tolerate insulting, flaming or harassing of users. Do not pick fights or 'troll', or post topics on controversial issues such as race, religion, sexual preference, etc. Keep to the topics of the particular forum. As your parents taught you, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.

4. No advertising for profit. Do not post links to websites with the sole intent of selling something or obtaining personnel information. Notices about relevant websites such as clan websites, or machinima websites will be tolerated as long it is not excessive. Posting the same ad or notice in multiple forums or threads/topics will result in the deletion of the messages and get you banned.

Posting rules:
Violating these rules will get the topic locked or the post deleted.

1. Do not double post - do not post the same message in several sections of the forum

2. Do not self bump a topic (post twice in a row) - there is an edit function that will allow you to edit your post if you forgot to say something. Use it. Wait for someone to answer your post before posting again. This is not instant messaging. It can take days before someone answers your post. Remember self bumped topics = locked topics

3. Do not bump or post in old topics. For the most part there is a reason they are old leave them that way unless the topic is relevant. Only the administrator or moderator will make that determination

4. Rules on Signatures.
- No image signatures are allowed.
- only three lines of text if you make your own signature within the message.

updated 05/24/07

If your signature violates this rule, we will delete it. Just use common sense and keep your signature from being annoying.

5. Please look in the article section of the main website for answers to basic Halo CE questions before posting. There are over 40 articles that answer 95% of the questions most commonly asked.

6. DO NOT act as a moderator. Do not post messages in response to their infraction. That is the moderator's job. If someone breaks a rule let the moderator handle it.

7. When posting images within the forum make sure the image size is less than 1024X768 pixels. If the image is larger the image may be deleted.

UXB Internet & Halo Maps

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