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The Halo CE program has been around for a while now and most all of the questions you may have have already been answered and documented on these websites. Before asking a questions about operating the game please look in the article section of the main website.

About Halo CE

What is Halo CE - Halo Custom Edition
Where Can I Obtain Technical Help with Halo CE?
What do I need to run the FREE Halo CE game?

Troubleshooting Halo CE

Halo CE says "Manual Update Required"
Troubleshooting Gathering Exception errors
How Do I Play the Single Player Campaign Maps in Halo CE
Known video-related issues with Halo
Halo: Known mouse and keyboard issues
You receive a "The game has closed down" error message when you try to connect to the Internet
How to Configure Halo CE to start in developer mode (- devmode)
Where do I put the maps I downloaded?
Anisotropic filtering in Halo 1.03
Common Video related Error messages
What Video Cards are Supported by Halo CE
How to configure Halo CE for Screenshots and Console
The Maps I downloaded don't show up in Halo CE
Halo CE Takes a long time to start
I can't connect to Servers on the Internet
Command Line Arguments for Starting Halo CE
DXDIAG Troubleshooting 04-18-2005 2579
Compatibility Fix for Windows XP SP2 and certain 256 MB video cards
Beginers guide to making Movies with Halo CE
My Halo CE program take a long time to start
Can Not See the Chat Text
I can't seem to set the time limit for various game types
I started a dedicated server and can't connect to it
My Halo CE Server Does Not show in Gamespy
I started a server and no one can join the game

Halo CE Dedicated Server Setup

Auto Banning & Controlling Team Killing
Configuring the Halo CE log file
Configuring the Message Of the Day
Running A Halo CE Dedicated Server
Relocating Custom Game Types
Running multiple instances of the Server
Dedicated Server Command Line arguments
Game Types
Dedicated Server Commands
How do I run the Halo CE dedicated server as a service

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