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Author Topic: Maps Extraction and Technical Problems (6 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Joined: Jan 19, 2010


Posted: Jan 19, 2010 10:02 PM    Msg. 1 of 6       
Okay, I came across something quite odd today. So i download the maps "the great battle of asis v3 pb3.zip and b30 mpz.zip" and i save them to WINRAR. After that, i open up WINRAR and go to the files. I find b30_mpz.map and extract it to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\Maps". And this is what it gave me: C:\Users\Vincent Nguyen\Downloads\b30_mpz.zip: Cannot be create b30_mpz.map
Access is Denied for both of them! Is there any way to fix this mess?

Joined: Dec 17, 2009

Posted: Jan 19, 2010 10:08 PM    Msg. 2 of 6       
Did you save the .zip to your disk first? Do that, and then right click the .zip and click "Extract Here". Then, copy and paste the file to your maps folder.

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Posted: Jan 19, 2010 10:21 PM    Msg. 3 of 6       
Alright then afterwards, I tried another and it gave me that it could not create the maps.

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Posted: Jan 20, 2010 03:49 PM    Msg. 4 of 6       
Could you give the exact error message? Give us that, and try a new map, such as coldsnap.

Joined: Aug 6, 2009

Posted: Jan 20, 2010 06:30 PM    Msg. 5 of 6       
Administrator Privileges?

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Shall we play a game?

Posted: Jan 21, 2010 07:54 AM    Msg. 6 of 6       
run winrar as admin, then try extracting the files?


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