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Posted: Apr 6, 2010 02:26 AM    Msg. 1 of 1       
Hey, so I'm currently working on a machinima that takes place on the Pillar of Autumn. And a few scenes require me to have shots of the cutscenes without the marine actors in them (ie, the Chief emerging from cryo).

I found a command that removes the actors (AI_erase_all or something like that), and it worked for that scene. I got the AI guy out of the shot and everything worked.

But the command's pretty on again/off again. I'll try it during other sequences and it won't work. Like I tried to enter it at the end of the level so it could be just the chief in the escape pod, and it wouldn't work.

I know it works in cutscenes because I did it earlier, and I know you can edit the marines in that last cutscene because people like CMT have done it before.

So what I'm asking is if there are any other commands or methods for removing AI from environments.


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