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Posted: Jun 7, 2010 04:03 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
Yea, I am completely stumped on this one. I have got to the room with the two buttons and boxes, then through the door that the buttons activate. There is a button that kills you in this room. There are little openings to shoot portals through that end up leading you back to previous rooms. Also, there is a zig-zag like passage that looks like you've got to very carefully navigate with the portals, as there is water on the floor. However, there is an invisible wall blocking access to this area, but it's the ONLY way I can see to go. I even used noclip to try to figure it out, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated. If you have trouble understanding the rooms I am talking about, let me know and I will post screenshots.

EDIT: Well, I posted screenshots anyway, http://www.xfire.com/profile/matt23488/screenshots/
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EDIT 2: Well I figured it out :P so disregard this.
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