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Quote: --- Original message by: Zira Vadum
I read some Chronicles comics a year ago, watched 5 of the 6 Ring of Life episodes, so where do I start so it will all make sense?
You can start at season 1 and download the 2 videos that comprise episodes 1 - 9 http://hcec.halomaps.org/movies.cfm?sec=0

Season 2 is the foundation for the other stories and explains in detail the forming of the relationship between the commander and Andrea, what the Fearless and the marines are doing at the ring and also Gaia the ring’s central intellegence.

Season 3 - The valley of the Forerunners - is a stand-alone movie that involves the marines and the Commander.

Season 4 - Static -is a side story from season 2 and follows a lost Petty Officer that crashed as a result of the events in season 2.

Season 5 the ring of life is the final chapter in the story of the Commander and Andrea.

The shipwrecked Comic is a prelude story to the Ring of Life that follows Corporal Andrew Johnson and Private Taylor who were two of the supporting characters in The Ring of life.

The Short Stories are some videos that either show the Halo Custom Edition maps (SightCEing) or give a background to the Tales of the First Ring.

Then there is the Halo CE Chronicles Christmas story that people liked so much.

They all tell different aspects of the same overall universe that is part of the Halo story.

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Posted: Jul 29, 2010 07:50 PM    Msg. 2 of 2       
awesome ive watched some of these but never new the proper order


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