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dont pray 4 easy lives...pray to be STRONGER MEN

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Colonel is in its final days of writing the script. Far out. Its taking ages. I lost interest at one point and now i'm back on the saddle. Its about a fleet of spartans that escaped reach discover Gamma Halo.
Part One: The halo is discovered by the Colonel (a mc like character). Colonel escapes from the Halo and returns to earth to assist with the battle there.
Part Two: Colonel assists the marines on earth and rescues Colonel Chazz from New Mombassa
Part Three: a rebel threat is discovered. Colonel and Command Sargeant Major Dorney are captured and are taken onboard a rebel frigate
Part Four: Colonel and csmd are taken to Gamma Halo. They escape and lead an assault on the Halo. Colonel rescues his captured squad. The commander wages large ground battles. Colonel, chazz, csmd, colonel's squad and a whole bunch of marines attempt to shut down the halo

and its not even finished

Bob and Swat

A comedy about stuff. Oh dear i've run out of time. I will edit this topic later


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