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I Hope I Didn't Brain My Damage

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBghzSnaYlYThe Big City Episode One

Well.. It's finally out. This project has been, from the start of idea brainstorming to the end of uploading, probably around three months in work. I hope it lives up to the hype in some way, and can make you laugh.

I figure, even if you don't like the jokes (though I really hope at least one catches your fancy) that you can at least appreciate some decent production values. This video is, out of all of my other Machinima, the most heavily-edited and overall, IMO, my best Machinima as of now in about every way.

Episode Synopsis
Episode One: "Pilot"
The year is 2245. By now, advanced cryogenic technology has arrived, and cryogenic labs have been placed in each city. In fear of natural disasters, the people of each city would rush into the cryo labs and freeze themselves for a certain amount of time, hoping to wake up in a safe world.

The apocalypse is upon society, and the fate of a city will rest in one person's hands. Gregory is the community leader, who was chosen to, after their century in cryo, to exit the lab and investigate to see if the world is safe to rebuild in.
His best friend Leon comes along, with his "pet" Klumpo.

Episode two will pick up after this in the cryo lab and into the future.

I am very much so open to criticism. The pilot is not flawless, and therefore, before I begin editing episode two, criticism wouldn't necessarily hurt. I'd like to hear what I did right, wrong, what just needs tweaking, etc.

Anyway, thanks for watching.
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