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Author Topic: Hey, new to machinima and wanna do one, i need some help!!!! (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Posted: Mar 11, 2011 12:50 AM    Msg. 1 of 1       
my idea is called the daily life of rpgeans, im using the map rpgbeta6 2 and need actors, ill do some voices but u can help but no cussin and i heed help wif scripts, and if any 1 wanna be a camera man, if not ill do it. my characters on red team are wat ever my actors names are, and on blue are wat ever my actors names are. im thinkin bout doing my first ep about stealing vehicles and throughin loads of nades YAY, it will only be short though and i need to no were to get somthing like dev cam to use to film. ty if u can help me! um how do we use team speak? i need help wif dat

rough script,
the red team are flying over the blue base in the ship that has the escape pod, they get attacked by a jet fighter and the ship goes BEEP BEEP WARNING WARNING and stuff then the guys are like "crap, we need to get outa here" and they get in escape pod, and launch. then a guy comes down the ladder from the other levels and is like, "weres every 1 gone?" and then gets on top of roof and gets blown up by the jets rocket. the escape pod crases at the red base ( u no the one that has red on it) and the get out, but theres no vehicles. so the get the plan to steal vehicles, but they have no ammo, so one guys like " wait up ill hack it so we get loads a nades" and he stands there for a little while and the guys are like messin around wif him and jumpin on him and stuff and when a guys on top of him hes like " im back" then he looks up and is like " what the? GET OFF ME" and throus a nade at him. but the guys like noooo and runs off the side. and u hear him go CRAPPPpppp... as hes fallin. so they sneak down and walks for ages, and theres gards at the gate and one guys like " ok we will sneak past" and then a guys like NAAAADDDDEEEESSS and chucks em at the gards, and they blow up. the guy that said to sneak ins like "u idiot" and they run in, and the nade guy,( thats his name now) runs in and nades everything and the other guys get in pelis and warthogs and go back up. when the get back they see the guy that fell is sitting inside( more like crouPching but anways) and he goes NAAAAADDDDEEEESSS and blowss every 1 up, THE END

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