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Posted: May 5, 2011 08:22 PM    Msg. 1 of 4       
So I'm releasing the tags/scripts/maps found in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6mYsB9JzKA

The whole project is kind of a mess, but it wasn't even in it's alpha stages when I stopped working on it. I'll just copy/paste the readme to explain everything:

Quote: --- Original message by: readme
Armor Lock Scripts and Test Maps (MP & SP)
made by SeanTheLawn

Alright, so I finally decided to release this. I no longer have the time/patience/motivation to continue this project, and I hope that by releasing it, someone as capable will take the time to fix and finish it. This archive contains the scripts for the Multiplayer and SinglePlayer versions in their original directories, as well as the maps seen in this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6mYsB9JzKA

To activate Armor Lock, press Q (or your flashlight button). To deactivate it prematurely, press E (or your 'use' button).

All tagging/scripting was done by me, SeanTheLawn. The terrible-quality sound effects were ripped from a random Youtube video before Halo Reach was even released. If you plan on fixing these tags you're going to need a decent amount of experience with tagging and scripting. The truth is, it might not be possible to make this fully-functioning in multiplayer (using this method), so keep that in mind if you're gonna try to fix it.

This release has an endless amount of bugs/problems, but I believe most of them can be fixed rather easily. Here's the list of problems I can remember at the moment:

- The multiplayer version only has the scripts for 2 people to be playing at once, although a simple copy/paste job should fix that.
- The multiplayer version has no sync scripts and relies solely on flashlight states (which don't sync 100%), so if you plan to work on this you might want to add some sync scripts in.
- At the moment, the multiplayer version suffers from the client-side clone-vehicle problem which is fixable if you know what you're doing.
- The player does bleed if shot while in Armor Lock. I'm sure this won't be too hard to fix.
- If Armor Lock is activated in mid-air, the player will hover there until they leave Armor Lock. Honestly, I don't really consider this a huge problem. Similarly, if you activate it while crouching, you will be half-buried in the ground until you deactivate.
- EMP damage effects still seem to take out shields even while in Armor Lock. Not sure if there's really a way to fix this.
- Vehicles are not stopped when they make contact with someone in Armor Lock. Instead, they go straight through without dealing or taking damage. My first idea was to simply add vehicle physics to the Armor Lock but that leads to a multitude of other problems. If I had to make a recommendation, I'd say the best way to fix this would be by spawning an invisible scenery object with similar or identical collision to the Armor Lock. This would cause vehicles to bounce off someone if they activate the armor ability.
- The visual effects of the Armor Lock aren't anything impressive. Someone with more artistic ability than myself should redo the effects to look better/more like Halo Reach.
- The general tagging/scripting of this project was very sloppy, so it might need a total overhaul. Things such as the sound effects and stuff were spawned through scripts rather than functions in the vehicle tag because I can't for the life of me ever get functions working the way I want them to.
-There are probably a lot of other bugs I forgot to mention, so good luck with this stuff.

If you do end up using any part of this for a project, I'd appreciate if you credited me (SeanTheLawn).

Special thanks to:
PesceMan3 for help with testing
Slap Happy for his valiant attempts to fix this stuff

Hopefully someone will fix and finish this stuff. If you plan on trying, good luck to you.

Temporary FileFront link until Dennis puts it up here:

Pretty sure nothing else needs to be said, so that's that.

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Posted: May 6, 2011 12:59 AM    Msg. 2 of 4       
So now we have 2 different ALs. Kirby/tylerp and seanthelawn. Wondr which one is better?

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Apparently public enemy number 1?

Posted: May 6, 2011 12:33 PM    Msg. 3 of 4       
Quote: --- Original message by: aZn9ja37
So now we have 2 different ALs. Kirby/tylerp and seanthelawn. Wondr which one is better?

you do realize that tyler has done nothing on it, right? hes just the person who came asking me for it, so I made it, gave it to him, and then he automatically release it the moment I handed it to him *shrugs* People should know better that I haven't worked in groups in like 2 years now. (people had asked me recently, but they completely forgot about me, so what ever lol)

Anyways, in yours, make your vehicle collision model set to not pass damage to children, take all damage, etc, and then change its material type to something like a jackal shield. it should work alot better like that.

If it still doesn't have physics like the leaked earlier one that tyler wanted me to completely redo instead of him just using mine that had every feature he asked of, then just toss my physics on it, the size might not be exact, but its close enough, and its set to right itself automatically.

do you have it setup to mess with vehicles yet? place a bunch of markers along it, have each marker create both a kill damage_effect, and a force one. have the force one twice the size of the kill one, and have the kill only hurt types of metal (so it can only target destroyable vehicles) and then the force makes slow vehicles not able to enter, and deals with MP vehicles, etc.

Feel free to take what ever you want from the one I made, I really don't care, I didn't even want it in the first place lol.

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Posted: May 6, 2011 03:47 PM    Msg. 4 of 4       
I assumed that tyler did not really take part in the creation of YOUR ALscript, but idont like going on assumptions so ijust put both kirby and tyler in case. Im pretty sure kirby is ths superior scripter anyway. Anyways hope these will be improved upon.

PS Does kirby's ALscript have an EMP effect? Id try to see myself, but i dont have my pc anymore.
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