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How would u add wind to a scenerio????

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Aye Ready

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Quote: --- Original message by: ally
adding wind so that the flag moves...

in sapien scroll down to cluster properties,then scroll down and click on weather.
click on edit types,in the window that opens change the object class to weather_palette.
click on add,in the window that opens click on the ... ( 3 small dots) beside the part named wind.
in the window that opens this time,go to tags/levels/test and choose either the bloodgulch,dangercanyon or icefields map.
click on the file named multiplayer wind and then click open to add it.make sure to name it multiplayer.wind.
then in the properties window change that to multiplayer.wind
now in the tool window use the drop down box and change it to multiplayer.wind
press the space bar to add it to apply the cluster.
now go to your hierarcy view window and click on palette and then click on weather palette.
you should see the multiplayer.wind added there in the window on the right.
now click on file at the top of sapien and click on save scenario_structure_bsp
recompile your map now and that's it.

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