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Halopen Films: Great movies, great forums, and great times!

Have you ever had a passion for film making but never had a chance to let it shine? Have you ever wanted to be in not just an online group, but an online family of close friends? Have you ever wanted to be involved in something that requires cooperation and creativity? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Halopen Films is right for you.

Filming since Halo 2, Halopen Films is a small but tight knit machinima community that cooperatively and passionately creates movies on all Halo games. Our group includes filmers, editors, writers, directors, voice actors, and even talented photoshop artists. Hone your creative skill by talking to experienced machinimators on our forums, and even suggest ideas for our next project.

Don't have a particular skill or fancy computer software? No problem! We are always on the lookout for people who have a passion for watching movies, a dedicated work ethic, and anyone who owns Halo. We need dedicated members to come to filming sessions and help us build the best machinima that we can.

We also have fun outside of machinima, always ready to participate in a fun round of custom games or just chatting on an Xbox live party. Joining Halopen is more than just joining a group; itís joining a family. Whether you have a passion for machinima, a thirst for creativity, or just want to meet new people, Halopen Films is an experience you can't miss out on. Come and apply today!

Check out our website, or see some of our movies here!


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