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Author Topic: Any one have some working h2/h3 ai dialog (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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I need some dialog from h2/h3 for my AI. Flood,Elites,Arbiter,marines,grunts,Gravemind,prophets ETC I will take any halo game dialog except halo CE.if you give me at least 1 AI dialog tag that meets my requirements I will reward you with some cool halo tags weapons,actor_variant ETC just tell me some tags you could use.Look below for A list of tags you could get.Please note that it is not complete so there is more I will add to list soon.you will need tell your xfire name to get tags my xfire is spark364

Halo Reach multiplayer sounds

balldropped.sound corestolen.sound killjoy.sound reinforcements.sound slayer.sound revenge.sound

flak_cannon gravity_hammer beam_rifle homing rocket launcher plasma claws



follow our brothers perilous journey blowmeaway

There are more that will be added.do not give me credit if you use these on a map because I did not make much of them.elite major energy sword came from the makers of Lumoria.some are from Bungie and others I cant think of.

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