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Uriel Harden
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Posted: Oct 14, 2011 05:14 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
Hello everybody! I am working on a Halo: Reach machinima called Project Archangel. As the title of this topic suggests, I need body actors. There are specific rules for the body actors, mainly having excellent internet connection to reduce lag. You also need one of these armor combos.
CH 1: Helm: EVA Sh: Grenadier Che: Breacher Wr: Breacher U: NxRa Vis: Black Kn: Gren
CH 2: Helm: Op Sh: Base Sec Che: Para Wr: Breach U: Hard C Vis: Silv Kn: Para
CH 3: Helm: Sco Sh: Sniper Che: Patrol Wr: Buck U: Hard C Vis: Silv Kn: Para
CH 4: Full Recon Wr: UGPS U: Hard C Vis: Blu Kn: Def
Marine: Helm: Police Sh: Gung Che: LRP Wr: Def U: Def Vis: Silv Kn: Def
ODST: Full ODST Wr: Def U: Def Vis: Silv Kn: Para
AI : Helm: Op Sh: Op Che: Comndo Wr: Tacpad U: Soft C Vis: Blu Kn: Def

Also you can be a covenant soldier. To be an Elite it is best to be a high rank in order to have plenty of armors. Post with your Gamer Tag if you are interested.


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