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Hi, I am kind of new too cinema 4d and 3ds max ect. But I know the basics. When I download a model, for example a halo 3 warthog, the file comes with a bunch of textures in different folders that are TGA files, When I open it in cinema 4d or 3ds max (whichever one you think is better) it has no textures, so it is gray. The TGA files are there to texture it I am assuming, but how do I know which TGA files go to which part of the model. When I select for example, the window, which in cinema 4d has a name like glass_glassF_glass, I don't see a tga file in the download that is called glass_glassF_glass. Please help, which textures go to which parts, and how would I know. Thanks for reading.


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