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Campaign Expansion - BETA Release

MAPS for Halo 2 PC

By Kills Alone & the H2MT Crew

Packaged on April 8th, 2013

MainMenu Mod - YouTube

Hollow - YouTube

Coagulation - YouTube


This collection contains six custom campaign levels. They are all in a BETA state meaning they have many limitations, but they should still provide a bit of entertainment. They do not have any end condition enabled at this time so to end a map just save and quit.

All of the maps, except for Outskirts, allow the player to enable extra difficulty (Angry) and camouflage (Envy). Outskirts allows the player to switch between a day and night setting. Night enables use of the flashlight. The NPCs operate better and provide more of a challenge on higher difficulties and with Angry Mode enabled.

Our latest version of the MainMenu Mod is included as well, this gives you a new color-scheme and a Longsword on your menu screen while also allowing maps to be loaded in different ways then originally intended. Now maps that have restricted content can be loaded from the default map selection screen as Slot 1 through 10; these are maps with new vehicles and custom HUDs. I have not updated the Slot maps in awhile, perhaps they will be updated and included in a future release now that all of the assets are ready.

There are a few different types of custom single player maps included, some even have custom weapons and vehicles that took years of testing before they were deemed acceptable.

Take note that due to the way these maps where compiled it is not likely that they will work in CO-OP mode.

The following maps are included:

Requiem - labeled as 00a_introduction.map

Hollow - 01a_tutorial.map

Tombstone - 01b_spacestation.map

Outskirts - 03a_oldmombasa.map

Coagulation - 03b_newmombasa.map

Quarry - 04a_gasgiant.map

H2MT Custom MainMenu - mainmenu.map

I am also including a few external apps/mods (look under the extracted folder called MOD):

Ambiguous Alpha 2.5 RTE - Enables a few fun cheats and allows the player to switch engine mode between SP and MP

Ambiguous Beta 1.0 Pre-Release RTE - Improved Real-Time Editing but lacking extras such a cheat commands

Blu Trainer vK2 - Improved camera controls and more

Cheat Engine 5.6 & 6.1 - More Real-Time Editing

Gravemind 1.5 & 1.6B - Edit a compiled map

HUD Remover - Removes most onscreen HUD input for more cinematic recording

Mr. Mohawk 1.0, 1.1, & 1.2 - Edit a compiled map

AI folder - For further unlocking H2V

DLL folder - For further unlocking H2V

Windows 8 folder - How to disable ASLR

Backpack Weapons Update - YouTube

Tombstone - YouTube

FILES (7-Zip archive):
193MBs compressed (~397MBs extracted)

Quarry - YouTube


1) Open Windows Explorer (Shortcut: Hold the Windows Key and tap E).

2) Navigate to where you installed Halo 2. Typically this would be under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo 2\

3) Open the maps sub-directory.

4) Create a new folder called ORIGINAL.

5) Cut and paste the following maps into the new folder you just created:


6) Now extract and place the new maps here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo 2\maps

Remember, that is wherever you installed Halo 2, not the custom maps directory!

*Halo 2 Vista must not be running while copying over the files.

7) Start the game and play one of the maps by selecting one of the first six campaign maps.

Requiem - YouTube


To extract this collection you may need to have 7-Zip installed: http://www.7-zip.org


The Halo 2 Map/Mod Team has been around for years now. We create custom maps, mods, applications, videos and other content for Halo 2 Vista
(aka Halo 2 PC or H2V).

We have some members that also work with Halo 2 for the original XBOX and Halo Custom Edition for the PC.

Some of the members act as consultants and error finders while others create new BSPs (terrain or geometry) to battle over.

The team has released a few mods that enhance gameplay rather then taking away from it, mods such as the MainMenu Mod, Blu Trainer vK2 and Ambiguous Alpha & Beta (the first Real-Time H2V Editor).

A few members have created tools that now allow us access to enhanced Real Time Editing capabilities while others have ported maps and content from various Halo games.

We now have a large pool of custom BSPs, weapons, vehicles, HUDs, shaders, bitmaps, new crates, active scenery, skys, scripts and more to choose from.

When a project has reached an acceptable level of completion we choose to share most of our source files as we believe that the community can grow and learn with more ease through proper existing examples.

We are not actively searching for new members at this time, particularly novices, but if you feel you have some skills that could help us expand the Halo Universe please contact us.

H2MT members past and present:



Baltic Beazt





Kills Alone





Skiddy 632

Slaters Fury


Super PolarBear




Visit us: H2PC.org
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