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Metropolis ODST Campaign Mod

by Kills Alone of the H2MT Crew

Released - August 22nd, 2013
Updated - August 30th, 2013

YouTube - H2MT Outskirts ODST Mod Preview


ODST Bipeds for Marines and Player Characters on Campaign scenario Metropolis (New Mombasa).

The ODST player character biped is only viewable in Third Person. Thus I have provided two versions of the Campaign and
a list of recommended applications. The other Campaign variant is the same except for a few minor changes, specifically
the player character remains the Master Chief.

I used Gravemind 1.6B to make the changes, unfortunately the application has many faults such as some fields will
not appear after viewing other fields first. Also many values are incorrect or in the wrong places. Thus I used the
following two applications to verify the settings.

-Entity (H2x) was used to study the original map in its unmodified XBox incarnation.


Halo 2 XBox maps

-The unlocked Guerilla New (H2v) was also used to study original scenario source in its PC incarnation.

H2MT H2EK Unlocked - Enhanced Edition


Then Mr. Mohawk v1.2 was used to swap the player's biped to that of an ODST Marine.

Mohawk was used for the swap instead of Gravemind because it provided more consistent results.


-All Marines are ODST except the female Marine
-Some Marines have human heads (such as Johnson)
-Most Marines have ODST helmets (which is actually a head permutation)
-Sometimes the player character biped will have a helmet, other times he will not

-In one variant you play as an ODST (but this is limited to Third Person)
-I will attempt to get this recorded when playing Co-Op

*See the included notes file for more specifics and values


1) Before copying the file to your Halo 2\maps default maps directory you must backup the original.

2) The filename is 03b_newmombasa.map, so make sure you backup the original by either renaming it or by
moving it to a backup sub-folder. I rename the original file to 03b_newmombasa.map.ORIGINAL so I know what
it is at a later date.

3) Copy the new file to the same location then start Halo 2 Vista.

4) Select Metropolis from the Campaign selection screen.

5) For the ODST player character variant I recommend using one of the Third Person applications
listed below. I have included these and a few more apps/mods that you may require.


Ambiguous Alpha v2.5 - for Third Person/Still Cam

Ambiguous Beta v1.0 Pre-Release - for Real-Time Editing

Gravemind v1.6B - for Meta Edit/Swap

H2V Blu Trainer vK2 - for Third Person/Still Cam/Fly Cam

HUD Removal - remove HUD and on-screen text

Mr. Mohawk v1.2 - for Meta Edit/Swap


H2MT Metropolis ODST Campaign Mod
~277MBs compressed (~432MBs extracted)

H2MT Metropolis ODST Campaign Mod SPPF Only Version
~11.2MBs compressed (~25MBs extracted)


I finally got around to updating this mod and the previous map; so now you can play as an ODST all the way through Old & New Mombasa.

Don't forget to use the included Ambiguous Alpha v2.5 and Blu Trainer vK2 to play the mod properly in third person.*

The downloads have been updated, and separate (much smaller) SPPF only versions are provided as well.**

*Make sure you have the most recent Microsoft .Net, Visual C++, and full Windows Updates to use these apps.

**The SPPF versions require the user to use the included Super PPF application to apply a patch to the appropriate map. Its a simple process but I always suggest making backups of the original campaign maps first. If it sounds confusing just download the full release.

-Improved the player's jumping
-Increased the player's nade throwing velocity
-Removed Dual-wielding
-Marines cannot use Energy Swords
-Various movement speed tweaks
-Small camera tweaks
-First Person mode no longer shows a biped (no hand, weapon, nor body remains)
-Other minor tweaks


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