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Posted: Apr 22, 2014 09:26 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
been out of modding for a long time now. I get bored sometimes and start working on some unfinished projects I would like to complete. im having a big problem tho with making sounds for vehicles. the way I use to do them doesn't seems to work anymore and they always cause a lot of problems. also I was hoping someone might have a few sounds as the only ones I have sound like crap on the rare times I can even hear them. I can provide some sound files but they would probably need to be edited in some software to loop better and sound better

first I want is for my Ford Bronco. I want this truck to sound like an offroad truck. I want it LOUD like a supped up high rpm engine with no exhaust would sound like. cause I want it to sound like mine IRL really. something that you would hear during a mudbog like this

o and yess there will be a version with the topper removed and a 50cal on the back

next is for my terrorist Technical. I just want it to sound like a crappy light duty pickup you would expect to hear.

and finally for me Humvee and Avenger

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o and completely off topic, is there a link where I can get the original tags provided in HEK? I have a lot of corrupt tags from extracting in HEK+
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