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Blessed are the cheesemakers

Posted: Dec 8, 2018 05:51 PM    Msg. 911 of 913       
Ahh, engine bugs galore. Like in FO3/New Vegas, weapons that fire non-hitscan projectiles with explosions attached to them (e.g. missiles) will deal no impact damage. Or weapons that had the 'Ignore damage threshold/resistance' flag didn't actually ignore damage threshold/resistance, meaning that your sweet, mean chainsaw didn't do as much damage that it normally would if that flag actually worked. It was only until 6-8 years later that a third party plugin fixed these things, and a whole bunch of other things too.

The GECK editor is OK...when it doesn't crash at least. Plus, you have to make INI edits to allow it to load multiple master files. At this point, the geck extender plugin is pretty much essential for efficient use of the GECK.

The world editing tools are quite nice, quite easy for a beginner like myself to learn how things work, but the animation department could use significant work (as just one example, there is actually a limit - may or may not be hardcoded - as to how many reload animations total can be used in the game). Creators of custom weapons must keep into account animation compatibility, and even now years later, there's still not much documentation about how animations work in Fallout's Gamebryo, although there have been strides with some reanimation packs being released.

But yeah, I guess if Halo's SDK was similar to the GECK it'd open up modding to a wider community. Years ago I took a look at the HEK and was like '...lol nope.'

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Posted: Dec 8, 2018 06:47 PM    Msg. 912 of 913       
I could assist with scripting/encounters, but I have a huge amount of maps I am committed to right now. Once I have finished some of the maps I am working on I would be willing to volunteer.

There are a lot of hidden things that need to be done too that aren't immediately apparent, such as phantom animations, cutscenes, scenery tags, etc. Most of the weapon and biped assets have already been ported, but we should be careful saying only the BSP and scripting/encounters are left.

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Posted: Apr 2, 2019 05:27 AM    Msg. 913 of 913       

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