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Author Topic: A little update on OS, Open Sauce? (3 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Joined: Jul 25, 2014

Posted: Jul 25, 2014 12:06 AM    Msg. 1 of 3       
Hey guys, some of you will remember me (Forgot the password to my old account) but I used to be on here all of the time, starting in 07. "Kid", was my username.

Anyway, I've been out of the loop for some time and am seeing some s&*t on here that is just blowing my mind - open sauce. When I saw some of you post these images with these high res graphics, I thought it was sort of a joke and mimicking the standard engine graphics, I had no idea this stuff is possible.

So, I tried searching and couldn't really find anything helpful.

So my question(s) - When did OS get released? This year, last?
How do I run it?

Even if you could just link me to a thread I'd be appreciative.

Once again, the stuff you guys are creating looks down right incredible.

Joined: Sep 11, 2010


Posted: Jul 25, 2014 12:35 AM    Msg. 2 of 3       
Stay on v1.9. There will be a new version soon

Joined: Aug 1, 2008

Posted: Jul 25, 2014 05:39 AM    Msg. 3 of 3       
Hey Kid, nice to see you again!


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