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Dang, I had to retype that three times, and ended up posting it in the Halo CE section instead of H2V
I made a new thread in the H2V section, so you may delete this one.

So, I've read and watched several tutorials on creating a water shader tag for H2V, most of which are pretty similar. My goal is to create a water shader tag with refraction, similar to the streams in the grotto in deltatemple (the canyons with Jackal snipers, right before the end of the level), which has water refraction on noncoplanier faces.

The water material name has "!?" before export (render only, transparent + double sided). The shader uses water_pool as the shader template. I can get semi-successful results, but in both cases something doesn't function:
1. When I check the "water" flag in the shader, the animated bump map shows, however the water is opaque.
2. Vice versa. When the water flag is left unchecked, the water is transparent, but it doesn't show the animated bump map.

The shader uses a fresnel bitmap with alpha to apply transparency.

Either way, the water doesn't have refraction. I'm assuming you just use the same bump map for refraction?

I've tried downloading this shader from halomaps, but it has the same results.

Lastly, what about water foam/mist effects scenery tags for rapids and waterfalls? Are there any included with the vanilla H2V tagset?

I appreciate any help you can give me.
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