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Posted: Oct 30, 2014 06:13 PM    Msg. 1 of 4       
First off, make sure the pack is located in C/User/yourname/documents/my games/halo CE/ packs. If there's no packs folder, create one, and then launch the game, and using the console, type optic load halo4 or whatever pack your using.

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Posted: Oct 30, 2014 06:41 PM    Msg. 2 of 4       
They are enabled. You just gotta git gud.

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Posted: Oct 30, 2014 07:17 PM    Msg. 3 of 4       
Get the halo ce faze pack and prestige 100 times

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Posted: Oct 31, 2014 08:41 AM    Msg. 4 of 4       
Quote: --- Original message by: stunt_man
They are enabled. You just gotta git gud.


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