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Joined: May 4, 2015

Posted: May 4, 2015 06:01 PM    Msg. 1 of 2       
Whenever i try to open my map i made in sapien it crashes. i reinstaled Hek and it still happens, but my error mesage changed. i looked online and found no solution.
Here is the debug text:

05.04.15 22:28:10 sapien pc ----------------------------------------------
05.04.15 22:28:10 reference function: _write_to_error_file
05.04.15 22:28:10 reference address: 401b13
05.04.15 22:28:10 Couldn't read map file './sapienbeta.map'
05.04.15 22:28:10 CreateDevice succeeded with refresh rate = 0
05.04.15 22:28:11 Sound card doesn't meet minimum hardware requirements. Disabling hardware option.
05.04.15 22:28:11 Increasing sound decompression buffer size to 1048576 bytes
05.04.15 22:28:11 the scenario 'levels\fight\fight' refers to the structure bsp 'levels\fight\fight' twice
05.04.15 22:28:11 file_open('tags\ui\ui_tags_loaded_mainmenu_scenario_type.tag_collection') error 0x00000002 'The system cannot find the file specified. '
05.04.15 22:28:11 couldn't open tag_collection tag 'ui_tags_loaded_mainmenu_scenario_type.tag_collection'.
05.04.15 22:28:11 failed to load ui tags tied to the main menu scenario
05.04.15 22:28:11 WARNING: 1 clusters in structure_bsp levels\fight\fight have no background sound or sound environment.
05.04.15 22:28:11 main_new_map() failed.
Any hints to what it means and how to fix it?

Spartan II
Joined: Nov 25, 2014

Posted: May 5, 2015 11:08 AM    Msg. 2 of 2       
You need to locate, or obtain the missing tags, that are mentioned in the debug.txt file. It seems as if you attempted to open a scenario that was set to main menu. You will need the ui_tags_loaded_mainmenu_scenario_type.tag collection tag, which you can rip from you UI.map file using the HEK+. You do not need to reinstall the HEK as Sparky suggested.
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