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Posted: Jun 29, 2017 03:33 PM    Msg. 71 of 82       
Quote: --- Original message by: Storm
Why focus on just the UV Errors? Why not complain about the lack of amazing, heart-pounding music in this gameplay demo!

Omega Gameplay Demo! Pre-Alpha https://youtu.be/gEAHByPJILs

Pre-Alpha! Oh boy this isn't going to take 24.3 years to be released

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Posted: Sep 25, 2017 03:10 AM    Msg. 72 of 82       
Quote: --- Original message by: MatthewDratt

Pre-Alpha! Oh boy this isn't going to take 24.3 years to be released

Sit down boy. This is my show.

Also, new wraith stuff.

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Posted: Sep 30, 2017 11:47 AM    Msg. 73 of 82       
What kinds of tags are you designing yourself?

You asked for some help with Forerunner structures. Get in touch with FireDragon04:

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Posted: Sep 30, 2017 11:39 PM    Msg. 74 of 82       
Holy crap that guy is still around?

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Posted: Aug 27, 2018 09:14 AM    Msg. 75 of 82       

I promise it's gonna be done soon.

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End my suffering

Posted: Aug 27, 2018 07:50 PM    Msg. 76 of 82       

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Posted: Aug 28, 2018 06:47 AM    Msg. 77 of 82       
Every now and then I wondered what happened to this, glad to see that it's still alive :)

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Posted: Aug 28, 2018 03:09 PM    Msg. 78 of 82       
Happy to see new content being made, what can you tell us about the mod that makes it stand out? It looks great!

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Posted: Aug 31, 2018 09:39 AM    Msg. 79 of 82       
Nice! I thought you were dead (not literally, but in modding terms). It's always nice to see somebody coming back. Keep up the good work, it's hard to see custom projects these days.

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Posted: Oct 30, 2018 08:56 PM    Msg. 80 of 82       

It's time to get out of bed, bash your face on the desk and skip breakfast. Download this god damn map, enjoy the <dennis profanity filter> out of it, and sit around wondering what to do with your life.

If you have no idea how to run a Halo Singleplayer map, first of all, why are you here? Secondly, I've included a readme with a short tutorial.

Also, all the dev files are in there. Tags, scripts and even JMS files. All Max files included are 2016+


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Posted: Nov 1, 2018 06:42 AM    Msg. 81 of 82       
Quote: --- Original message by: Storm

Welcome to Omega

Welcome to the Omega Campaign. After the war, humanity decides to venture back out into the stars, colonising as they once did. Your ship, the Mobius, has just arrived at a planet formerly held by humanity. It is listed as abandoned, having been previously owned by the UNSC the planet is heavily guarded by Covenant loyalists. It is obvious to yourself and the Commander that these Covenant still believe the war is in full swing.

Your mission is to make landfall, discover what the Covenant are doing on this world and sabotaging their research.

Make it so, Spartan.





This is an upcoming mod for the Halo Custom Edition engine. Release date TBD, if you'd like to help contribute to the mod, please contact me via private messaging.

Tune in to CE3 2017 for major updates on the mod.

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Have you release it?

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Posted: Nov 1, 2018 12:22 PM    Msg. 82 of 82       
Look on the post above yours... lol

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