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Author Topic: How to get Ghost's animation importer (6 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Joined: Jan 14, 2017

Posted: Jan 15, 2017 08:39 PM    Msg. 1 of 6       
I was looking to create some custom reload animations for the original Halo weapons and would like to download Ghost's animation importer.

This is the link that various video tutorials send you to: http://ghost.halomaps.org/bluestreak/animation

My problem is the site never loads and I don't know if it is just not available anymore or if the site is temporarily down. If it is not available anymore could someone link me to a alternative animation importer. I used the search on this site to try and find one, but I couldn't.

not giraffe
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Posted: Jan 15, 2017 09:32 PM    Msg. 2 of 6       

Super Flanker
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The length of your life depends on my aim.

Posted: Jan 16, 2017 07:30 AM    Msg. 3 of 6       
The ghosts webbie is down?!?!?

Dammit 2017 you were supposed to be better! >:v

Joined: Dec 23, 2013

funny epic meme

Posted: Jan 16, 2017 03:40 PM    Msg. 4 of 6       
it's been down since sometime in 2016.

Super Flanker
Joined: Oct 5, 2012

The length of your life depends on my aim.

Posted: Jan 17, 2017 05:08 AM    Msg. 5 of 6       
Oh it has? I never noticed.

So I'm guessing Ghost translated funds for the domain elsewhere?

Joined: Dec 20, 2015

Posted: Jan 22, 2017 02:37 PM    Msg. 6 of 6       
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