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Author Topic: Looking for someone who could make me a tool (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Posted: Mar 10, 2017 11:13 AM    Msg. 1 of 1       
I'm nearly done with my AI synchronization script and setting up a biped to work with this script is a lot of busywork because each animation has to be a separate vehicle. It would be really cool if I had a tool that automatically did all of this work automatically. I know I'm asking for a lot here but someone with experience could do this a lot faster than I could if I tried.

Here's a basic explanation of what the tool should do.

*source animations tag - biped animation tag
*source animation tag - a template animations tag with only one unit and possibly a few animations already applied to it (s-ping)
*source vehicle tag - a template vehicle tag with model, physics and collision already applied
*vehicle directory - where vehicle tags will be exported
* animation directory - where animation tags will be exported
*weapon - which weapon's animations will be exported (pistol, rifle, sword, unarmed etc.)

*animation tags - Each base animation exported as a separate animations tag, only replacing the first animation of the source animation tag and keeping the rest unchanged.

*vehicle tags - For each unit that has the weapon type we picked, it would go through all animations and if animation exists, then use that animations tag for this vehicle. The tag would be exported to "vehicle directory/unit index/animation name.vehicle" (animation name would be the last word without permutation index). Everything else in the vehicle tag would stay as it was in the source vehicle tag, only animation dependency changes.

*text output - list of created tags

I pick halo 1 elite model animations tag, source vehicle and animation tags which I made, "tags/AI/elite/plasma rifle/" as vehicle directory, "tags/AI/elite/animations" as animation directory and "rifle" as weapon.

Let's say animations tag had four animations: "stand idle%0", "stand rifle move-front", "stand sword idle"and "stand aim-still".

The tool creates three animations tags "AI/elite/animations/stand idle", "AI/elite/animations/stand move-front" and "AI/elite/animations/stand sword idle". Aim-still gets ignored because it's an overlay animation.

The tool creates two vehicles "AI/elite/plasma rifle/4/move-front" and "AI/elite/plasma rifle/4/idle" which have the animations already applied to them (4 is index of stand unit). Sword vehicle doesn't get created because we chose "rifle" as weapon type.


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