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Author Topic: This program cannot be run in DOS mode. (2 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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matt is bad.
Code too clever

Every string in guerilla.exe
I do not guarantee a lack of non-text data. I also added my own comments in brackets [].

Apparently, Guerilla was made by Chucky.
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Who is Chucky?
Charles Gough:

Alan is referring to the current Halo development team as listed by Matt Soell. Namely:

Jason Jones - Project Lead
Konrad Shirinian - Network code
Chucky Gough - Physics
Matt Segur - Programmer
Paul Russell - Art
Rob McLees - Art
Shikai Wang - Art
Marcus Lehto - Art
Jamie Griesemer - Design
Stefan Sinclair - Networking (Bungie.net III)
Thanks to all the people who wrote in pointing out that the Charles Gough in the Wanted DOA pic is in fact Halo's Physics Programmer Extraordinare Charles Gough, better know as Chucky. The picture was taken shortly before he absconded to Mexico with the Halo beta.

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I wonder if he faced any guerilla warfare in Mexico...
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