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Author Topic: How do I get Spv3's Tags. Imma quit playing Halo CE if no one helps me (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Posted: Sep 20, 2017 09:14 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
I have been trying since April to make AI battles in Halo CE. Currently, the best AI Tags

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to mess around with are SPV3's tags. Everything about that mod is..... perfect. I absolutely love it.
Here's what I know about getting tags
-I know how to extract Tags from(HEK+(sucks though) and yelo tags with Refinery
-I know about dependencies issues but I dont know how to fix them
-how know how to use HEK and how to install OS_HEK
-I know how to use tool and OS_tool
Stuff I don't know
-I dont know where to put the .yelo scenario tag when extracting from Refinery
-When I try to extract SPV#'s tags, 25% of the tags are fully extracted and the remaining 75 % isn't extracted
SPV# has alot of dependecy issues when extracting(im talking about thousands of files) so I try to extract every SPV3 map and the same issue occurs
-I dont know how to fully load .yelo tags into Halo CE
OK can someone provide me the instructions for extracting SPV3's tags. I tried asking the developers but they ignore me. mosesofegypt if your reading,What do i do in order to extract SPV3s tags, I'm pretty new to using Refinery and I don't how to deal with the tags.(i found Refinery out like 2 months ago but I had school stuff to deal with first) Im like "this" close to making AI battles with SPV3. I just got into Halo custom edition cause I heard that its really easy to make AI battles. If I can't make AI battles with SPV3 tags or CMT:TSC Tags then I am going to just quit playing Halo CE. ITs complete BS why SPV3 isnt sharing everyone their tags or at least telling everyone how to extract spv3s tags
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