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Posted: Sep 30, 2017 01:02 PM    Msg. 1 of 18       
I'd like some help with my next video tutorial, which is a video about the community. Please tell me what you would like me to say about the following web sites and any other Halo-related community web sites you would like me to mention:

  • Halo Maps Forum and Archive

  • Mac Gaming Mods

  • Open Carnage

  • HBO

  • Halo Waypoint

  • Xbox Chaos

  • Phasor Forum

  • El Dewrito

  • Halo Mini Demo Chat

  • Team Beyond

  • The Halo Forum

  • Halo CE3

  • Halo Nation

  • Halopedia

  • Halo 2 Vista Forums

There are old sites like Halo Mods and Gearbox Software Forums, but I'd like to focus on the current community locations rather than individual resource web sites. I'd first mention the available Discord servers, then look at these older community web sites.

This is the next video in sequence documenting matters about the game community to present to newcomers.

I started with game installation, now I'd like to present some opportunities to engage with us. Thanks for the help.

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HaloCE3.com MattDratt.com

Posted: Sep 30, 2017 09:38 PM    Msg. 2 of 18       
Quote: --- Original message by: sparky
  • Halo CE3

  • best website only website youll ever need to visit

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    Posted: Oct 1, 2017 12:06 AM    Msg. 3 of 18       
    Quote: --- Original message by: MatthewDratt
    Quote: --- Original message by: sparky
  • Halo CE3

  • best website only website youll ever need to visit

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    I guess I'm just going to have to rip your tags

    Posted: Oct 1, 2017 01:29 AM    Msg. 4 of 18       
    Don't even mention Waypoint. I speak on behalf of the hundreds, probably thousands who were banned forever from that joint. If anyone is aware of the South Park episode where they had that Safe Space crap? You'd see what I mean... Or we could just go by what most say, the sites run by a bunch of SJW moderators. Hypocritical scum-bags don't deserve acknowledgement.

    Waypoint: Full of 343 fan boys and know nothing of the original trilogy nor anything PC related so don't bother. Heck you'd probably get banned for even mentioning CE if one of the mods is in the right mood!

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    maybe drop the rape voice.

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    What's a Modacity.

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    Posted: Oct 1, 2017 05:23 PM    Msg. 8 of 18       
    I didn't mention Modacity specifically because I thought the forum was closed to new registrations. I may have accidentally overlooked mentioning it.

    Mega Sean, do you want to narrate some of my videos? If you have some of your own videos to include in my playlist, I'd like to see them.

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    no because im not a rapist

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    fair enough call tbh

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    Lmao who remember


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    Oh my god, you sound exactly like I had expected you to. This is fantastic.

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    c'mon guys!? at least Sparky is trying to "help" others. Respect others

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    It's better being a jerk.

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    Dang sparky. I didn't know you were famous:


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    Quote: --- Original message by: sparky
  • Halo 2 Vista Forums

  • That is going to be short.
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    Posted: Oct 7, 2017 08:01 PM    Msg. 16 of 18       
    I plotted the video tutorial series.
    * Community
    * Mod examples in gameplay
    * Basic Mac modding
    * Windows setup
    * Map Authoring - given shader tags, directory structure in data folder, designing environment structure in 3DS Max, portalling, applying materials and shaders, UV mapping, auto-smooth, fog and water, exporting and compiling structure, preparing environment tags, radiosity in sapien, populating for multiplayer including vehicles, compiling in tool, play testing, final radiosity in tool and compiling and testing, publishing. Note: Water and +portal volumes will be in the next video.
    * Water and Portals.
    * Bitmaps: normal, sprites, cube maps, light maps
    * Sounds: layered and background (xbox adpcm and ogg vorbis)
    * Object Models
    * Object Animations
    * Biped Models (and weight rigging vertices)
    * Biped Animations
    * Vehicle Models
    * Vehicle Animations
    * Weapon Models (first and third person)
    * Weapon Animations (first and third person)
    * Shaders (layered and animated) - ...metr
    * A.I. - actr, actv, bipd
    * Effects - glw!, effe, ant!, elec
    * Equipment, Weapons, Projectiles, and Damage - weap, proj, jpt!, cdmg, itmc, eqip
    * Vehicles - vehi
    * Scenery and Garbage - scen, garb
    * HUD Interface and Strings - unhi, grhi, wphi, hudg, ustr, str#
    * Globals
    * Misc. Tags - deca, dobc, wind, fog, sky, ligh, ...
    * Menu Interface - font, vcky, DeLa, Soul
    * Scripting
    * Dedicated Server - setup, firewall, config, console and rcon, commands
    * SAPP - setup, config, console and rcon, commands, events, Lua scripting

    Entries not yet linked are upcoming.

    My approach is to record my screen as I do something and then do a voice-over.
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    Posted: Oct 8, 2017 11:52 AM    Msg. 18 of 18       
    Quote: --- Original message by: MEGA_VKNG
    maybe drop the rape voice.

    Hurtful words and insult forgiven. It would be a shame to have bad memories and groan with regret at having read the things you post.

    You are digging pitfalls in this forum. I'm trying to build nice things and you go around digging holes for people to fall in. This is greatly ruining your reputation and forcing smart people to go elsewhere. Furthermore, you are giving this community a bad reputation and turning away creativity. I had to ban you from my Discord server. Don't make me have to turn away from this forum again.

    This task will take weeks. I'm going to generally use the approach of doing a task without comments but editing text or voice into the recording afterwards. I like documenting, but if people used written documents, I would have pursued that route instead. You can see that I write a lot. I have several web sites and have written a lot, with a text file almost 1 MB in length. If you hate my video tutorials, I will write documentation anyway for you to abhor less.

    Here is the script from the community video:

    Quote: Hello, this is Sparky.

    Over the years, the general Halo Community of the Internet has attracted those interested in playing and creatively altering the Halo game. These people have discussed their interests on several web sites, and each individual web site community has had a dynamic history. The Halo Community is in the process of another transition, and you may be wondering how to contact fellow Halo players and content authors. Early in my experiences with the Halo community, I determined to set for myself a goal to unify the various Halo communities which I perceived as scattered among the Internet. I have been working towards this goal for about 10 years, and I have had a variety of experiences in the various communities. Gearbox Software ported Bungie's Halo to Halo PC and the free demo Halo Trial. On the Macintosh platform, MacSoft in turn ported Halo PC to what was referred to as Halo Full and the free Halo Demo for PowerPC Macs. Halo Demo, although limited to one multiplayer game level, was extraordinarily popular among players. Those players interested in altering the game experience studied the game files and were able to fuel the Halo Demo players with modifications to the single map file. The adjustments to map files became known as mods, and the alteration of map file data became known as modding. The Halo Trial community also benefitted from this interest, and when the Halo Editing Kit was available, the Mac and Windows Halo communities shared and learned from each other. But now these communities are shifting, and the question becomes, "How do I get in touch with the Halo Community?"

    If you are interested in the most recent Halo game titles, Internet communities abound, including official company web sites and long lists of fan community web sites and forums like 343industries.org.

    If you are interested in assets like 3D models, clothing costumes, and props, visit the 405th forum.

    In this video, I am going to present some information about Halo 1 and its community, so that you see the current trend for future reference.

    The forums of Halo's developer, Bungie, do not mention Halo.

    Microsoft, the publisher of Halo and owner of the Halo Franchise and the Halo Intellectual Property Rights, recently ceased publishing Halo PC on their store web site.

    Gearbox Software, the developer of the PC version of Halo, has a paragraph and a few pictures.

    The Gearbox Software forums which I suspect were the initial location of the Halo Community mentions Halo no longer.

    MacSoft has a simplistic PDF-style web site which contains only a picture of the Halo game box artwork. The last time I checked, their offshoot company, Destineer Studios, no longer offers their Universal Binary remake of Halo for sale.

    Halo Waypoint, the web site of 343 Industries, Microsoft's offshoot company that handles continued software development for the Halo game franchise, has two paragraphs, some pictures, and a link to the Xbox Marketplace for purchasing the Xbox version of Halo for Xbox 360. The sale price for that game is currently $10.

    Halo Waypoint revolves around all the Halo titles, and offers fun features for the more recent Halo games. The Halo Waypoint forums are so diverted to newer Halo game titles that topics in the "Classic Halo Games" section sound like meager attempts to find people still interested in Halo 1, such as this topic title, "Does anyone like CE?" Waypoint offers a location for diversity in the Halo fanbase, and yet many are banned, probably from interpersonal conflicts.

    Fortunately, copies of the Halo PC game (which is for Windows), are available on Amazon.com. Both Halo PC and Halo 2 Vista are available for the normal price of $20.

    However, even if you buy a copy of Halo PC or Halo 2 Vista, how do you get in touch with other players? Abandoned web sites abound, such as this Halo Universe forum.

    I do not remember ever visiting Halo Mexico, but you can see that they contain only a farewell message.

    Even several Halo modding communities, the creative fuel for the player communities, have shut down, such as modhalo.net, which had a worthwhile history according to its owner's single farewell message that it now is.

    Phasor, a community-developed server tool, has developers who are losing interest in the game. Their web site forum has not had activity in half a year.

    SAPP, a community-developed server tool in use by most of the thousands of Halo PC and Halo CE game servers still used by several thousand Halo players around the world, is of questionable maintenance, as its web site has ceased and its sole developer appears out of contact. Fortunately, its automatic updating functionality continues.

    Halo.Bungie.Org continues to post community news and I recommend contacting halo@bungie.org to share your notable works.

    Take a look at this long list of Halo links. You can see how scattered the Halo fanbase is. I am guessing that many of these links are broken or link to abandoned or overly niche communities. If you wanted to get in touch with the Halo Community, scouring this kind of list would be unreasonably time-consuming and daunting.

    HBO also has a forum which I suspect is frequented by Halo game fans.

    Many web sites attempt to be repositories for general game content contributions while serving a particular purpose such as a hub for a Halo gaming clan or, in the case of Halo CE3, a hub for a YouTube channel that used to annually feature community work.

    Halo Custom Edition's community was probably the largest and most active Halo game content authoring community. The Halo Maps Archive features over 6500 community contributions, including applications, utilities, maps, tags, assets, and tutorials. Unfortunately, its sole owner, Dennis, has not updated the archive with community submissions since March 2016.

    The Halo Maps Forum still has members who are quite active in its two Halo Custom Edition sub-forums, and although many have transitioned to Discord chat servers, this forum is the welcome mat for most newcomers to the Halo content authoring community.

    Halo's Mac community primarily used the Mac Gaming Mods web site and forum owned by Monoman. The main web site has been outdated since Halo Mac gamers moved on to Halo Mini Demo, the community-developed alteration of MacSoft's Universal Binary remake of Halo. HaloMD still refers to the MGM forum for discussions. I have quite the history with the MGM community, and I remember its activity and membership fluctuating with several cycles of new members.

    Its IRC chat lingered on as a communication point for some, but appears to have indefinitely ceased activity.

    Open Carnage continues the Halo technical discussions and is intended for modders and programmers interested in Halo, but is particularly entrenched in politics. 002 says that "Open Carnage is a site for gaming and technology enthusiasts. They also have a section for Halo-related things like SAPP scripting and modding resources."

    ElDewrito is an example of a single project that the Halo Community has pursued in order to build itself with its own creative pursuits. Like other Halo game content authoring communities, ElDewrito took an existing commercial game work and pursued altering it for purposes of study and creativity, as evidenced by its FMM Mod Manager.

    The Halo 2 fans have a creative endeavor called "Project Cartographer". Halo 2 Vista's multiplayer experience was suddenly terminated by Microsoft, even after Gamespy shut down its networking support for many game titles including Halo 1. Project Cartographer attempts to continue the Halo 2 Vista community through altering the game program. Its forums are of moderate activity, but its Discord chat server is very active.

    I have invited the Halo Mac and Halo PC and Halo CE communities to unify, and I recommend joining my Discord chat server. You can connect using the invitation link at this location or by visiting tinyurl.com/halochatserver.

    Reddit has some Halo sub-reddit sites, although interest is not specific to platform or purpose, but is where the casual Halo players hang out.

    There are some fascinating Halo fan web sites still available, such as Halo Archive which has forums specifically to discuss Halo's lore.

    If you are interested in Halo game lore, I recommend finding a copy of the Halo Encyclopedia at your local library or purchasing a copy of this very illustrated and entertaining book for $15 on Amazon.

    Of particular interest to Halo canon enthusiasts are the Halo Nation and Halopedia wiki web sites. Although centered around their web sites, their communities can be found on Discord.

    There are some Halo community projects on Reddit also, including ElDewrito and Halo SPV3.

    The questions are often very pertinent.

    However, major contributors in the community move on more often than new members interested in similar work join.

    You should still be able to find some niche web site communities, such as Halo Sphere, which is an interactive Halo-themed web site game.

    However, the main activity of the Halo game community comes from new players, and as such, web sites like Team Beyond, which afford no interest in modding or creative works, tend to gain the most new members.

    Therefore, I have also had the goal of making game content authoring easy and simple. The web sites I have provided for the Halo Community may not survive long, as the programs I and others have worked on over the years continue to alter in usability and development states. An example is this Halo Demo Mods wiki site I made, which featured over 500 mods for Halo Demo PPC Mac. Since the community had to move on to HaloMD, the history of this web site, like many Halo community web sites, is left to Internet services like archive.org.

    However, I hope that this video tutorial series helps continue the history of Halo players becoming interested in making their own maps as modders, and then becoming more interested in the game engine as programmers, so that the community continues to explore creative works with the game engine and new game content.

    The current trend of the community is shifting towards using the free Discord chat service. So, for now, if you want to get in touch with the Halo Community, I welcome you to join the several Discord chat servers about Halo.

    I'd like to thank the Halo Community members for their contributions to the information contained in this video and for persisting throughout the varied history of the several scattered communities.

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