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Author Topic: December HMU final call + CE3 Award Show Info (4 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Posted: Nov 23, 2017 12:20 AM    Msg. 1 of 4       
So a few notes on the CE3 related side of things.

HMU is coming this December. Final chance to upload maps here: http://haloce3.com/hmu/

I have 55 files in the archive so be patient. Most should get up this week hopefully... After this HMU, any files uploaded will be pushed to the 2018 awards.

Once the HMU airs, there will be 2 rounds of voting for the CE3 award shows this year.

Round 1 will include all eligible projects/maps/etc.
Round 2 will narrow everything to the top 5-10 (depending on how packed that category is).

Categories are: Best Modified Multiplayer, Original Multiplayer, Tag, Modified Singleplayer, Original Singleplayer, Best Community Member, Best Halo CE-Related Youtube Video or Series/Channel, Most Anticipated Project.

If anyway is a cool designer, please message me if you want to create the award for this year.
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the concerned thros
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Posted: Nov 23, 2017 12:46 AM    Msg. 2 of 4       
Add my map and bump my thread

il Duce Primo
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Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:32 AM    Msg. 3 of 4       
I believe I uploaded Overflow to your website and look forward to seeing it on the show.

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It's better being a jerk.

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 06:41 PM    Msg. 4 of 4       
I uploaded Hemoasis on Halloween. I'm guessing it takes awhile? Which is understandable, busy schedule for you guys.


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