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Author Topic: I have ripped spv3s tags perfectly. Im getting this error in os_tool (7 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Posted: Nov 27, 2017 06:17 PM    Msg. 1 of 7       
ok so i have succesfully ripped spv3s tags perfectly through refinery. I also spawned a couple elite minors and brute followers in os sapien everything works properly until i try to build my map in os_tool heres the error

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition>os_tool build-cache-file levels\test\tutorial\spv3test
CheApe: reminder: stock build-cache-file doesn't support
* OS script definitions
* additional grenade types
> Script compiling will fail on scripts with OS-functions and globals
> Use build-cache-file-ex with memory upgrades enabled if you use any

EAX: 0x00000000
EBX: 0x20375101
ECX: 0x00000000
EDX: 0x00000000
EDI: 0x00199F98
ESI: 0x00000000
EBP: 0x00199E70
ESP: 0x00199E64
EIP: 0x77B62BAC, C2 08 00 90 ?????
EXCEPTION halt in D:\Gamedev\opensauce\OpenSauce\Halo1\Halo1_CheApe\TagGroups/TagFieldReplacements/Unit.hpp,#276: Seat extensions are not supported in non-yelo maps. Build your map with memory upgrades enabled to enable seat extensions

I used tutorial,a non-yelo map. If this error is occuring because of the map, then how would i configure it to support os tags.

EDIT: I fixed it i just realized you just needed to use build-cache-file-ex however some tags didnt load correctly heres the output i have literally no idea whats going on and how to fix this
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition>os_tool build-cache-file-ex spv3test 1 1 1 levels\test\tutorial\spv3test
Engine Mod: cache will use mod-set 'spv3test'
copying bitmaps...
copying sounds...
copying loc...
pre-processing custom tag instances...
culling uncompressed model vertices...done
culling uncompressed structure bsp vertices...done
culling uncompressed model animation data...done
building predicted resources for structures...done
building predicted resources for custom tag instances...done
structure bsp 'levels\test\tutorial\tutorial' is 0.26M
tag headers and names are 0.23M
streaming model vertex and index buffers...done
streaming tags......................data_files\-bitmaps: Tried to add item ui\shell\bitmaps\cursor__pixels with different size (4900) than expected (4096).
data_files\-bitmaps: Tried to add item ui\shell\bitmaps\background__pixels with different size (8) than expected (262144).
.....data_files\-bitmaps: Tried to add item levels\test\beavercreek\bitmaps\beaver ladder bump__pixels with different size (87381) than expected (349524).
writing vertex and index buffers...done 11.30M
writing tags...done (2739 tags for 7.66M)
total tag size is 9.27M (25.23M free)
compressing 19.32M...
Checking tags for OS-modified game-state requirements...
successfully built cache file.
Cache pack file data_files\-bitmaps hits: 627 for 29.84M
Cache pack file data_files\-bitmaps adds/misses: 469 for 131.09M
Cache pack file data_files\-sounds hits: 474 for 10.32M
Cache pack file data_files\-sounds adds/misses: 302 for 9.10M
Cache pack file data_files\-loc hits: 102 for 0.22M
Cache pack file data_files\-loc adds/misses: 3 for 0.04M

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Posted: Nov 27, 2017 07:57 PM    Msg. 2 of 7       
I don't see anything wrong, though I do hope you know that you're telling it to make a set of bitmaps, loc, and sounds resource maps with that command. This is what you do when you need a lot of bitmaps and sounds, but can't afford to stuff it all in each map(like spv3 did with its -bitmaps.map, -sounds.map, and -loc.map). If you dont want to build those additional resource maps, change your command to:

os_tool build-cache-file-ex "" 1 1 1 levels\test\tutorial\spv3test

You'll need to turn one of those 1's into a 0, but I don't remember which and don't have a copy of OS tool to test to figure it out. Its the one that's like, "build cache files" r something. Just run "os_tool build-cache-file-ex" without arguments to see which one it says is which.

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Posted: Nov 27, 2017 08:06 PM    Msg. 3 of 7       
I FINALLY GOT WHAT I WANTED AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SPAWNED ELITES AND BRUTES IN MY MAPS! finally im so fricken hyped for this. that felt awesomeand satisfying. i have been trying to get spv3s tags in my maps for fricken months.

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Posted: Nov 27, 2017 08:11 PM    Msg. 4 of 7       

It's a great feeling. Glad you got to this point.

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Posted: Nov 27, 2017 08:32 PM    Msg. 5 of 7       
Thanks man for helping me along the away. I truly do appreciate it. Feels so great. Im gonna have so much fun with this
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Yep!.. i know i'm in Space..

Posted: Nov 28, 2017 06:52 PM    Msg. 6 of 7       
Quote: --- Original message by: Sargent 0

Im gonna have so much fun with this

For some reason... This quote made my day better.

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Posted: Dec 1, 2017 12:30 AM    Msg. 7 of 7       
You errors look fine, the 2 bitmap conflicts are a result of us changing the cursor, and using the original xbox beaver creek ladder bitmaps.


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