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Author Topic: The Thros' Alsthetic Two Betrayals Released! (13 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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the concerned thros
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Posted: Nov 29, 2017 05:50 AM    Msg. 1 of 13       

It's finally here and done (By that I mean I'm too lazy to continue adding more new content in it and It would most likely still have bugs) After a recent return to Halo last month I have no Idea on what to do and I felt like the tags that I have done back in 2015 weren't really used that much and I thought to myself that It could probably be the time to put them to use but then again I felt lazy so I modded c40 using my content but this is isn't some simple tag swapping I've added a few twists in the original level so It feels like a newer and different level and this is something I've done in just a week and a half cause I am lazy and have other priorities so I don't want you to expect so much from this but maybe I'll do something better next time if I have all the free time and motivation.

Notes :
-Human and Elite Combat Forms aren't the same vanilla flood in the original campaign, they now they take cover and evade and throw grenades.
-Brute Combat Forms differ from the Human and Elite Combat Forms. They move faster and melee faster but they don't resurrect.
-The Flood Carrier carries more infection forms.
-The Flood Juggernaut carries Brute Combat Forms and Carrier Forms.
-The Flood Combat Forms and Juggernaut can be headshotted.
-The Combat Forms are destroyable and deal minimum damage, If they are destroyed while still alive they don't drop weapons and I couldn't do something about this. (X)
-Plasma weapons and the sentinel beam deals more damage to the flood like in Halo 3.
-The major Sentinel beam sets objects on fire.
-The Brute's helmets can be destroyed and leaving them vulnerable to headshots even if they still have their power armor and this also applies to the chieftains.
-The firebomb grenade works differently and more weirdly and I didn't spend time to fix it. (X)
-The Flood Juggernaut and Tank is more likely to be just bullet sponge chargers and has nothing special to them due to lack of tweaking to their actors and lack of animations. (X)
-The Flood Ranged Form lacks animations. (X)
-You will never ran out of heavy weaponry and resources and this is something that removes the challenge even tho the encounters gets harder. (X)
-Sometimes the checkpoints don't save and you will likely return to a more earlier checkpoint so make sure you clear all the encounters and don't skip, skipping the enemies ruins the whole purpose of the game. This is an fps not a racing game.
-Easy Difficulty has been removed and replace with a different normal difficulty where the enemies are more skilled while still retaining the normal damage modifier.
-Even tho the changes on easy, legendary is still the hardest.

Additional Information :
This won't be my last release even tho I'm gonna take another short break, I still have a few more projects in mind and I will do a more proper release of my tags, my tags aren't really that straightfoward to use and I'm just making sure that they are If I release it.

Guides :
-This requires Open Sauce 4.0 which also requires your Halo CE is updated to 1.10
-Best played on the highest graphic settings cause my content relies on OS's shader extensions too look good.
-Best played on 90-100 degree FOV if on 16:10, 16:9 resolution and 70 if 4:3.

Credits :
Gearbox Software
343 Industries

Giraffe/Not Giraffe/L283023/Larry/Esteban
Ivan Capponi/Final444h
And the rest I forgot to mention.

Contact Information :

My Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/wowangtangamo
My Twitter - https://twitter.com/Altehros
My Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/Altehros
My Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/basuraguy/
My Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bestsellerngputanginamo

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Posted: Nov 29, 2017 04:28 PM    Msg. 2 of 13       

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Posted: Nov 29, 2017 06:29 PM    Msg. 3 of 13       
"-This requires Open Sauce 4.0 which also requires your Halo CE is updated to 1.10"


PS Looks interesting
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the concerned thros
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Posted: Nov 30, 2017 01:49 AM    Msg. 4 of 13       
Checkout rcg's livestream for gameplay footage!.

Bungie LLC
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Posted: Nov 30, 2017 03:57 AM    Msg. 5 of 13       
[friendly bump]

the concerned thros
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Posted: Dec 1, 2017 06:30 AM    Msg. 6 of 13       
Even tho everyone didn't give an F and I feel unrecognized and underappreciated even tho I am the god and I make better looking stuff than most of the community and yet their crap still gets more recognition cause the halo community in general is garbage since Reach arrived got worse when 343i took over. I wanna add a few more notes. "Alsthetic" means aesthetic in my way, the god Altheros way.

I forgot to mention these.
-Flood Combat Forms and the Flood Juggernaut can be headshot.
-The map is protected but you can bypass that, there is an easter egg in-game that has the password to unprotect the map.

I always want you guys to spread the word and make gameplay and walkthroughs of the mod and I wanna it to get spreaded out there.

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Posted: Dec 1, 2017 04:23 PM    Msg. 7 of 13       
good stuff, livestreamed earlier

the concerned thros
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Posted: Dec 2, 2017 12:37 AM    Msg. 8 of 13       
The download has been temporarily removed and It will be updated with a newer version of the mod with added content and mechanics.

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Posted: Dec 2, 2017 10:36 AM    Msg. 9 of 13       

the concerned thros
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Posted: Dec 2, 2017 11:28 AM    Msg. 10 of 13       
Update is cancelled because..

The link of the current working version has been restored. Note that some users have a problem opening the file, just redownload it if your file gets corrupted.
Download link here.

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Posted: Dec 2, 2017 01:06 PM    Msg. 11 of 13       
You should add a third 'fist' only melee weapon unchangable, with special middle finger action.
Nice nice nice work!!

the concerned thros
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Posted: Dec 2, 2017 01:37 PM    Msg. 12 of 13       

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Posted: Today @ 03:08 AM    Msg. 13 of 13       
what a nice mod very undderated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA4kZS_5dRQ


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