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Posted: Dec 8, 2017 11:56 PM    Msg. 1 of 3       
Quote: It's not very simple. First you'll need to understand how sounds work, and get a crash course in compiling them. There are 3 main "sections" to a sound tag: pitch ranges, permutations, and samples.

Pitch ranges aren't too important since they are only used for a couple things, but they're basically pre-recorded variants of a sound that the game uses in certain instances where the sound changes based on some variable. Like, the warthog has 4 pitch ranges for how hard the engine is working: idling, low rpm, medium rpm, and high rpm. I don't think any of these sounds you'll need to fix will use anything other than the default pitch range though, but it's nice to know about this.

Permutations are different versions of a sound that get chosen to play randomly. Like, the sound of glass breaking has around 10 permutations, this way it usually sounds different each time a piece of glass breaks.

Samples are the actual audio data that's read when a permutation is chosen to play. Sometimes the size of the permutation is too large to fit in one chunk of samples, so tool splits it across multiple chunks of samples and then chains them together.

When Refinery exports a permutation it tries to put together all of the pieces of each permutation into a single audio file, but the only format it cant do it for is ogg. Instead it'll export each piece as a separate ogg file with "__X" on the end, where X is the piece's number. So like, if a permutation named "test" had 3 pieces, they'd export as test__0.ogg, test__1.ogg, and test__2.ogg.

You'll have to load maps containing each messed up sound into Refinery and extract their data(the ogg files) to your data folder. For each tag whose ogg sound you extracted, navigate to the folder they extracted to and open up an audio editing program(I recommend Audacity).

You'll need to piece these ogg samples together yourself in the audio editing program. After you do, save the permutation as a 16bit PCM WAV file to the same folder with the same name as the permutation. So like, after piecing together those test__X.ogg you'd save it as test.wav

After you've done this for all the permutations of one of the sounds, you'll need to remove all the ogg files from the folders(probably move them just in case you need them later). The reason for this is tool will try to import ALL files in the sound folder, even if they're not wav.

After you've done this, open a cmd prompt, cd into the directory with tool.exe, and type:


and it should compile the fixed sound. as an example, if you were trying to fix:

you would type in:
tool sounds "cmt\sounds\sfx\weapons\covenant\focus_carbine\animations\ready" ogg 1

Also, before you compile any sounds, replace the vorbisenc.dll, vorbis.dll, vorbisfile.dll, and ogg.dll in your Halo Custom Edition directory with these ones(in case you never did):

The reason being the ones that shipped with CE are out of date, buggy, and frequently cause tool to crash. If anyone here knows something I forgot to mention, feel free to join in.

I don't really get what you want me to piece together in audacity. Here what I would do when compiling a sound.

1. Data extraction. Get 6 ogg files (permutations) in my debug folder
data: cmt\sounds\dialog\characters\covenant\hunter\h2_deeper\exclamations\berserk.sound

The next thing what I suppose you do is open up a permutation in audacity and piece together stuff. I'm not really sure what kind of stuff your supposed to piece together. So, I just piece together the 6 permutations and save it as a 16 bit PCM. Then I compile it using os_tool using tool. Am I doing this correctly or not? I'm so confused

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Posted: Dec 9, 2017 09:18 AM    Msg. 2 of 3       

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Posted: Dec 9, 2017 04:22 PM    Msg. 3 of 3       
Can you tell me how you fixed this sound?

EDIT: Oh I get it now I just realized.

Quote: So like, if a permutation named "test" had 3 pieces, they'd export as test__0.ogg, test__1.ogg, and test__2.ogg.

This fixed my problem. you just need to piece together these 3 things and make a sound tag in guerilla
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