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1. No
2. Thete's a pin-pointed topic in this forum about making maps


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Quote: --- Original message by: Crossbow SR
1) Can someone change the limit of 30 seconds to 1 second to download Halomaps Without waiting so much for each map you want to get
The way the download system works is that when you select a file to download, in the background, the website sets up a download reservation with the download server. The download server then copies the file to a queue for downloading. The delay before sending you to the download server is to insure that the entire file gets copied to the queue which when very busy can take up to 15 seconds. If you start downloading before the file is copied into the queue the server locks the file and you will get a corrupted download. That is why there is a 20 second delay (not 30).

Quote: --- Original message by: Crossbow SR
2) Can someone show me what tools you need to Build your Own Custom Map For Halo?

How do I Make Halo CE maps
How to Modify Halo CE Maps


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