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Author Topic: Questions about HUD masks and bitmaps. (2 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Posted: Jan 23, 2018 10:31 PM    Msg. 1 of 2       
First off, let me explain what I'm attempting to do. I am attempting to give my mod a "Visor Zoom" mode similar to Halo 2. Now, I know that all weapons can have zoom modes given to them, but I'm not entirely certain about certain aspects on the HUD interface in regards to things such as convolution and whatnot. I know that it is possible to create a visor zoom effect using the Lumoria binoculars bitmap as a screen effect mask, as displayed in AltSierra117's Pre-Release mod, but I am unsure of how to proceed in regards to changing the other settings of the crosshair overlays.

See, in the Pre-release mod, the weapons all use the Lumoria hud elements for reticles, while I plan on using the already the existing reticles for my weapons as I change each of them, save for the already scoped weapons. However, I want to know if this will work, or if I have to change all of the default weapons to using the Lumoria hud reticles and crosshairs. Does anyone have any information on this and the meaning of certain things like convolution?

[Edit] Uh, actually, I managed to figure things out... after using refinery to examine the structure and dependencies of the various weapon hud interfaces and a few awkward .map compilations that gave me bizarrely sized crosshairs for various weapons, along with missing crosshairs for others, that is. But I think I got it figured out now.
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Posted: Jan 29, 2018 04:38 AM    Msg. 2 of 2       
I meant to get to this earlier but I didn't have the time.

For convolution, you're better off just copying the values from the default sniper rifle tag "tags\weapons\sniper rifle\sniper rifle.weapon_hud_interface"

For mask, you can use pretty much whatever image you want, but there is no way to scale the image through the tags, meaning that the larger in resolution the bitmap is, the larger it will be as a final result. The only real way to scale this is to scale the image within the bitmap itself. The blur is determined by the alpha channel of the mask bitmap, and if you leave it completely black there will be no blur, but the jagged effect will still be there.

Also be aware that the game automatically extends the edges of the bitmap to infinity, so make sure that the edges are the same color that you want extended out to the edges of the screen.

Furthermore, I should add that there is a better technique of achieving a scope mask, and that is to leave the zoom function on the weapon, leave the screen effect on the hud tag completely blank (I think you can even delete it entirely or not apply it at all) and use a bitmap image in the crosshair section of the respective weapons' HUD tag. Set the HUD tag to only use the bitmap when zoomed in. This method allows you to use color bitmaps, scale them within the tag, use higher resolution images and proportions. The major drawback is that the game will not scale the boundaries of the bitmap out to the edges, meaning that your bitmap typically has to be scaled large enough to cover the standard monitor resolutions. The wider a screen ratio is, the more likely the edges are to be seen.

As for the forced zoom-out effect, I created that by using a damage_effect that applies whenever the trigger is pulled on a given weapon (I only added it to those that would be forced to zoom out, non-scoped weapons specifically)

It's been a while since I've had to upload pictures or files, but if you find me in any of the following servers I'd be glad to help you with any future questions.

CMT's SPV3 Discord server: https://discord.gg/tAHSsNA

Matt and I's project server: https://discord.gg/FpTZKEC

Yumiris' Wonderland server: https://discord.gg/Z9MKFJp

SBB crew's server: https://discord.gg/ZGZZmyu

You should be able to find me as "Holy Crust", "Jesse" or something like that. I shouldn't be hard to find on any of those, just ask around if you can't find me.
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